Loyalty is hard to earn and easy to lose. amirite?

Same can be said for respect.

Santa going to malls to listen to what children want for Christmas is his Marketing campaign, amirite?

Santa is a marketing campaign - always has been.

Asking someone if they want to hang can be wholesome or terrifying depending on the context. amirite?

That got dark quick.

Women only show love to keep what they fear missing from leaving them. amirite?
@jodzdzownica How is that showing prejudice to women?

Not all women desire men. And the ones that do don't all live their lives in constant fear of losing them. This perpetuates a sexist stereotype.

Kids nowadays won't know what tv channels are. amirite?

"Kids these days"

angry old man intensifies

Deja vu is the awareness and relalization that you exist in an alternate timeline and the connection being made when similar activities take place. amirite?
From Mario's perspective, the green mushrooms do absolutely nothing. amirite?

I guess the big mushrooms are filling

People are always trying to breed spicier peppers, but never colder mint leaves, amirite?
@BigMemer Pineapple mint... That sounds awesome. I need to get some of that. I currently have some random type that my...

Pineapple mint is basically just a variegated version of apple mint. It doesn't smell or taste like pineapple. Pineapple salvia on the other hand smells very similar to fresh pineapple. It's one of the best smelling plants in the world IMO.

The whole beer company seltzer water marketing thing going on just seems like a ploy to sell us watered down alcohol without the taste of beer or wine. The next obvious product seems like a shot of pure alcohol we add to our own flavored water. amirite?

I mean, most of them are 5% abv, which for a 12 oz beverage is a pretty decent number.

Every millionaire technically became one overnight/overday, amirite?

Not technically, some were born

There are likely some living 70-year-olds who will still be alive in 2070. amirite?
@Mrtechnohawk Nah. We've kinda reached the peak of advanced ageing now. Rather than some people living for longer and longer, we...

Someone who is 70 now would be 120 in 2070. The oldest fully documented person on record lived to the age of 122.

An idiot who got rich has more luck than a smart person who got rich. amirite?

Google GME

Shouldn't we plant fruit trees on side walks so homeless can eat, amirite?

This could result in people being teritorial like "this is my tree, i always get my food here, gtfo" or like "I am using this tree for my business so I can get out of the streets". It would only benefit some.

If you are in the US, you are lucky enough to receive assistance from your government when you go homeless. But if you are in a third world country, then giving them trees to get free food would cause chaos, they would kill to keep that tree for themselves and their family.

Hating the antagonist in movies is a compliment to the actor as much as loving a protagonist, amirite?

Or to the writer

Ironically, premature ejaculation was probably seen as a desirable trait back when reproduction was the key to survival rather than fun/fulfillment. amirite?

I'm pretty sure what with orgasms and all it was still being done purely for the fun of it.