As internet speeds have become lightning fast, the need to download large media files has almost vashined with the surge of streaming services. amirite?
@yeah but you need a fairly fast internet to stream 4k, and game downloads are huge

It's still not the same. In the early 2000s people were downloading like crazy (games, music, films, entire seasons of series) and now it's hardly necessary even though my max dl speed is 50 mb/s

Apollo 11 was a very expensive camping trip, amirite?
@It was intense

It was like having sex while camping

Calling a female "lady" is considered rude, but calling multiple females "ladies" is considered polite. amirite?

Also , calling a single lady a female....problems

True representation of fear is when you touch your pocket while walking along a street and you don't feel your phone. amirite?

My phone has "IF FOUND PLEASE CALL " and my SO's number really big. My friends always laugh when they see it but hey this thing is expensive and if I lose it I want it back!

The most tragic and deadly event in human history is likely never going to end up in a textbook. We won't get a chance to put it there. amirite?

Some alien race studying what remained of our civilization might.

Knowing the difference between stalagmites and stalactites is a lot less important in adulthood than elementary school made it seem, amirite?
@catsuperberg Wasn't this just on Colbert?

Really? I watch "A late show" every night and I must've missed it

A perfect "living statue" street performer would make no money because people wouldn't know. amirite?

Usually they have a bucket near them. This is an easy takeaway.

People crap on BMW drivers for being rude but not nearly enough contempt is heaped on Chevy pickup owners who are the most hostile drivers on earth, amirite?

Nice try,... BMW people are the worst.

Future GTA games could look a whole lot different if the "Abolish the Police" movement succeeds, amirite?
@Shiny244 If the movement goes ahead life's going to look a whole lot different

True. Gun sales have gone through the roof. I don't see this ending well.

Apple decided to not include a charger and earpods with latest release. Soon they'll offer you only a thousand dollar screen and you'll have to buy the phone separately. amirite?

This has always been the case. You buy a paper weight, and rent an OS.

Knowing the difference between stalagmites and stalactites is a lot less important in adulthood than elementary school made it seem, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

As an animal science major who's currently taking biochemistry, that sentence gives me lots of strength most days don't you dare attack my mitochondria /s

mario is mario mario, luigi is luigi mario, amirite?

Ages ago people's last names were in reference to what their profession was. Mario has no last name, Luigi owns Mario.

We're playing a game about slavery

People refer to computers as pc's, yet most computers are not portable. amirite?
We only wear gloves /mittens in winter but we wear socks all year round, amirite?

I wear gloves to protect my hands, but I wear socks to protect my shoes.

All pet rocks started off as strays. amirite?

Good for you buddy you so smart