You can make your butt cheeks clap, amirite?
You are not fully convinced that Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus are the same person. They're totally different. Think about, you can not compare a blonde to anyone that's just rude and insulting, amirite?
It's sad when people care more about their cars (or other material things) than they do about their own kids, amirite?

No Bueno..

You're attracted to one of your cousins, amirite?
I think my girlfriend's hallucinating. She keeps telling me she's seeing other people, amirite?

...No bueno

You're going to remember to wear purple tomorrow, amirite?
You're going to remember to wear purple tomorrow, amirite?
@why purple?

(osh kosh): Because if you are a fan of Prinze then you'll wear it

It shouldn't be called "Dollar Tree" it should be called "Dollar Tree+Taxes", amirite?

I agree with this broad^^^

Seriously what's up with all of these High School singing shows and movies? Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Victorious, Glee? I don't recall my High School ever being like this, amirite?
@Not defending the shows in any way, but Hannah Montana isn't the high school singing, just one person. Victorious...

that maybe true but the genre is still singing and it does include attending high school