Headaches from ponytails are the WORST because every way you shift your hair there is no getting rid of it, amirite?

Croydon facelifts aren't for everybody it seems

You could hide almost anything in a bush, amirite?

Beards too, I find.

Funny how the most disgusting posts on here are all made by 'Anonymous' or an obviously fake account, amirite?

We all know it's Anthony hiding, amirite?

You don't know if your idea of a post has been posted before so you post it anyway, amirite?

Search function booiiii


Don't you just hate how someone who has really bad breath and body odor ALWAYS wants to stand way too close to you? Amirite?

If I'm going to ignore personal hygiene I'm going to ignore personal boundaries.


Oh crap!!! This site is turning into MLIA! Help, amirite?
you will get sick if you eat rotten food, amirite?

Blue cheese?

Hey amiriters, I have a girlfriend who loves this site. I was going to propose to her tonight, but she had to go away on business. So, Ami Schaffer, Will you marry me? amirite?

Go forth and have amirite babies.

Why do people say "amirite" is spelt wrong? You wouldn't see them telling Google it should be spelt "googol" - it's a proper noun, not a word amirite?

This is way too funny

When you were little you asked for a pony for one of your birthdays. amirite?

I got it for Christmas.

Not everyone cares about the World Cup, so it shouldn't be all over every TV channel and radio station, amirite?

Lots of people care about the World Cup so it should be all over every TV channel and radio station, amirite?

Works both ways

Everytime you read/hear Jason Derulo, your head sings, "Jaaasoon Derrruloo". That's one way to make your name known. Tu shay Jason. Tu shay. amirite?

touché ?

kim kardashian is hot..... amirite?

She has a nice bum. Peachy.

Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift are way better that Miley Cyrus.. Actually anything is, amirite?

Taylor Momsen is better than all of the above :)

Breaking and entering to watch someone sleep, yeah, that's not creepy, like at all, amirite?

Twilight by any chance?