About me.

My name is Norma Jean but you can call me Normie, Norma or whatever you would like to call me.

I was formerly known as: TheIceLooksWet, Norgasm, ButtBuddy2 and CropCirclesInWater. c:

I share a birthday with Will Ferrell and my best friend.

My favorite TV shows are: Modern Family, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Psych, The Mentalist, Monk, Veronica Mars, White Collar, Workaholics, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Dance Moms, Drop Dead Diva, Community,Ugly Betty, New Girl, and Dead Like Me. I really like TV.

My favorite bands/artists are: Josh Garrels, Joshua Wicker, Bowling For Soup, Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, Damien Rice, Mumford and Sons, Blink-182, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Plain White T's, All American Rejects and Maroon 5.

Sweeney Todd is my favorite movie ever, I can nearly recite the whole movie. I also quite enjoy She's the Man, Tangled, Brave and Mulan.

I am super proud of my DVD collection, even though that's embarrassing to be proud of something like that.

I am very pro-gay marriage.

I am also very pro-life. If you would have asked me a year ago whether I was pro-life or pro-choice, I would have said pro-choice, but I would never get one. Now that circumstances in my life have changed, my opinion has also changed. I am so pro-life that I vomited when I learned that somebody very close to me had an abortion.

ohey, links

http://www.formspring.me/TheIceLooksWet I really like questions, even mean anonymous ones. So please, go abuse me anonymously. I'm not even being sarcastic right now.

Political Compass: http://img.ctrlv.in/4fe773c29a5b4.jpg

I like when people talk to me so feel free to drop me a message. c: