When someone asks you what your favorite movie, book, song, or food is, you can give them an answer, but you always feel like your actual favorite is something you're probably forgetting, amirite?
@Len My favourite movie is The Iron Giant, my favourite book is 1984, my favourite song is River Below by Billy Talent...

Sweeney Todd, Fallen by Lauren Kate, Broken Crown by Mumford and Sons, and chicken macaroni from my work.

Nails In Motion Tip Tops protect your wet nails from getting smudged. It's brilliant, and yet, you've never seen them before, amirite?

Are you being paid for this? d smilie

Mainly manly men: some of the posts on this site are really aimed towards women, this is a great thing because you then find out about issues that you never even realized they had, amirite?

As a woman, I didn't even know I was supposed to have all these problems.

The taste of victory is sweet, amirite?

Cats even like the taste of victory. http://ctrlv.in/41754

If you did something illegal you wouldn't be stupid and talk about it online or in a public area with lots of people around, amirite?
@Mike_Hawk If I ever start selling drugs, I'm gonna have to advertise somewhere.

Here's the best way to effectively do that: You make a sign that says "Illegal drug sold here!" then you find a police station and stand outside. Police stations are ideal because there are criminals coming and going all the time. Then BAM you'll be rich in no time!

You should prepare for when your kids ask, “Where do babies come from?” by hiding babies all over your house, & when they ask, say “haha where don’t they come from!” and open all of your cabinets & then all of the babies crawl out, amirite?
@Erythromania That is hilarious! I hate when people tell their kids these insane stories instead of telling them they'll...

I used to think that babies kicked their way out of the stomach and that was the reason they kicked in the first place. My mom never corrected me. :(

Hungry African kids should be the judges for cooking shows, not only because it would be hilarious, but also because it would help feed them for free, amirite?

Why would that be hilarious?

The best photography is the kind that surprises you, amirite?

I still don't see it. :(

It's possible to greatly dislike someone and still have immense respect for them at the same time, amirite?

There's this jock at my school who is very arrogant and never stops talking but he ALWAYS says something when somebody is being bullied, and people always listen when he says to stop. He annoys the piss out of me but I have so much respect for him.

It gets weird when you get in a fight with a friend who's mom is your mom's good friend, amirite?

And then they talk about it and its awks.

You didn't know General Mills owned all these brands. It's like they own the world, amirite?

Conglomerate corporations are crazy.

Eyebrows really make a difference in a person's appearance, amirite?
Just because someone has cancer does not automatically make them "beautiful", at least aesthetically. Just because someone is in a gay relationship does not automatically make them in love. Someone with a disability is not automatically a better person than someone who is able. Facebook groups promoting these ideas need to shut the fuck up, amirite?
@SOFTBALL8 @polarlarlarlar_bare- shitting you were not. i just saw this. http://ctrlv.in/111194

So many weird things in that screenie.
1. AOL. Wat. That's still around?
2. "Lift me in the AIR- Breastfeed me! Raise your OWN virtual BABY." .. I don't even know what to say.
3. And finally... "Steve Pirani, savior of bees." Oh.

It' s really cool that cats' pupils can get so big and almost cover their whole eye, amirite?

When my cat's eyes get like that, it means he's about to be a psychopants and he's going to start clawing and biting me and flipping the heck out.

@Len Although it is up to you in the end I'd really like it if we could keep it around, it'd be nice to be able to show...

He could make a testimonies page or something of that sort so it's in an easier format for new users to read.