Adolf Hitler is the sexist man ever, amirite?
lips and vaginas should switch spots. amirite?

Putting food in my pants. Do not want.

I am the color of an albino's ass cheeks all over.

Once you see how chicken nuggets are made, you can't eat them without thinking about it, amirite?
They totally need to invent a birth control pill for dudes, amirite?

It would help with heavy menstruation too.

You like seeing your name in word problems, amirite?

"Norma" is never in word problems unless it's talking about a grandma buying adult diapers. :(

You love those days when you eat really healthy and have a hardcore workout, amirite?

I feel guilty clicking YYA as it's almost 4 pm and I'm still in my pjs, eating a mozzarella stick.

Taja_Rae is a fat fuck with no life, amirite?

Somebody is jealous of her beauty and gorgeous figure. no smilie
Jealousy does horrible things to people.

You might be dead within the next half hour. Hell, you might be dead within the next five minutes. This is why we should live our lives to the full, amirite?
@xox_hellobeautiful Fullest*

OP was obviously too busy living their life to the fullest to finish their sentence.

Americans: It's weird but smart that no license plates have the combination of 3 letters be something funny, such as ASS or SEX. Amirite?

You also don't see GAY, FAG, FAT, etc. They did it on purpose.
Once, my dad's friend had "CNT" and she hated it. Everybody called her car the cuntmobile.

All it takes is an ugly picture with a vintage effect and a random, sexual word you make you smile, amirite?
Nails In Motion Tip Tops protect your wet nails from getting smudged. It's brilliant, and yet, you've never seen them before, amirite?

Are you being paid for this? d smilie

It's ridiculos that when you reach high school teachers expect you to be more responsible, mature, and grown-up; but you still have to ask permission to use the restroom. amirite?

In 90% of my classes, we don't have to ask. It's probably because we can spell ridiculous.

You know, it would have been much easier for Bruno Mars to use a keyboard to serenade his girl instead of hauling around a giant friggin piano. Amirite?
@ImTheRealShady I think it's adorable!:)

I personally think it looks like something died on the top of his head.

It's stupid how people who do drugs try to justify it by saying they had a bad childhood. Plenty of people who've had hard lives don't do drugs. You don't snort oxy's cause your dad hits you. You do it cause you like being high. amirite?