Statistically, 9/11 Americans will be offended by this message, amirite?
It's incredibly stupid that some buildings skip over floor number 13 because of superstitions. All that does is create needless confusion, amirite?
@YuZ Here's the legitimate reason why, at least for apartment buildings and hotels, etc: even if this superstition is...

It could go the other way too though. You could be really into haunted stuff and WANT to stay there.

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I love him. l smilie

If you were really rich, you'd go around giving hobos hundred dollar bills, amirite?
@Shun No. They could be a drug addict. I would buy them meals but not give them cash.

Why would you not care what they do with the money? If I was kind enough to give a stranger money and they threw it away on drugs, I would be pissed. Just because your life isn't going well, you don't have to turn to drugs.

You should prepare for when your kids ask, “Where do babies come from?” by hiding babies all over your house, & when they ask, say “haha where don’t they come from!” and open all of your cabinets & then all of the babies crawl out, amirite?
@Erythromania That is hilarious! I hate when people tell their kids these insane stories instead of telling them they'll...

I used to think that babies kicked their way out of the stomach and that was the reason they kicked in the first place. My mom never corrected me. :(

You have that one cousin, no matter how old or young, you'd tell everything to, amirite?

That was weird. I switched from facebook to this tab and my cousin just wrote on my wall not too long ago

It's an unwritten law that nobody can hurt you when you are actually using the bathroom. Even film makers know this. Think about it, you've never seen it happen, amirite?

My cat always scratches my calves while I'm peeing. D:<

It's weird when people who are 70 or something that have boyfriends/girlfriends, but when they're married it's different, amirite?
@brunetterox915 i love the term 'lady friend' :D

He doesn't like the term "girlfriend" because it makes him feel like he's dating a 12 year old. :D

You feel appreciative of the moderators who delete all of the 'crappy posts', amirite?

I <3 mods.

Except the ones who don't search before homepaging a post. >.>

chocolate flavored lip balm sounds delicious, but is actually disgusting, amirite?

That doesn't even sound mildly appetizing.

So far 2010 has not been any better than 2009, amirite?
Coffee and copious amounts of homework is a typical night for a student. amirite?

Yuckk. Coffee is groody.

It's fun getting facebook notifications, amirite?

Not if you get 54465864736 because you liked one person's status. >:[

People who point out your mistakes are annoying. amirite?

Especially if they happened a looooooong time ago. >:[

You really wish you had a housekeeper or a maid. amirite?

I wish I could invite Adrian Monk over and have him clean. c: