I like that there are a variety of people on here and the debates are usually heated but fairly respectful and mature. For the most part, the users and mods are good people and they make the site welcoming. The website is easy to maneuver and it's simple to figure everything out.

Turk from scrubs looks like the coolest black person ever, amirite?

Rivaled only by Gus from Psych.

Having Chris Hansen as a dad would destroy your dating life, amirite?
@Snicker oh that dude, he would definately check the ID and criminal record of the boy friends!!

The interrogations would be brutal.
"What were your intentions here tonight?"
"I have the chat log right here, and that's not what it says."

Having Chris Hansen as a dad would destroy your dating life, amirite?
@Snicker who is chris hansen

He is a reporter on Dateline and he's most famous for "To Catch A Predator".

You hate it when you take a stab in the dark and accidentally kill a black person, amirite?

I guess being so pale that I glow in the dark is good for one thing.

Any pizza can be a personal pizza if you work hard and believe in yourself, amirite?

Or if you tell it all your secrets.

It's sad how many people can't seem to figure out the difference between "effect" and "affect", amirite?
@justsuper or when people can't tell the difference between 'than' and 'then'

A senior asked the teacher this on Friday and the freshman next to me was astounded at his stupidity.

Once you see how chicken nuggets are made, you can't eat them without thinking about it, amirite?
The funniest thing ever is when pets have human names, like Cathy, Rick, or Kevin. amirite?

Usually I hate animals having human names but my cat's name is Vinnie and it's very fitting for him.

It's funny to think of the last song you heard and then add "in my ass" after it, amirite?

The Light Will Come in my ass.


Where the fuck are her elbows, amirite?

In her butt. That's why it's so big.

The world is a beautiful place, amirite?
It's really awkward when you realize that your teacher isn't wearing a bra, and all you can see are her nipples, but you don't want to stare, because she's your teacher and that's gross, amirite?

My 9th grade math teacher had a constant camel toe. puke smilie

The world is a beautiful place, amirite?
@lemmethink it's the people living in it who are ugly.

There's a hole in the world like a great black pit
and the vermin of the world inhabit it
and its morals aren't worth what a pig could spit

Fire alarms like to come at the worst possible times, amirite?
@Norma I'm always afraid one will go off when I'm in a dressing room or when I'm naked.

I'd probably stay and put clothes on instead of getting to safety. :3
Our alarms always go off but for stupid reasons like dust getting to a fire detector or the kitchen being too smokey.