You wonder how long you'd stay in the shower if you had all the time in the world and no worry of running out of hot water, amirite?

My dad would be like, "You're killing dah earf!".

Claiming to have restless penis syndrome is not a valid excuse for cheating, amirite?

I'd be laughing too hard to be mad.

Girls: It's incredibly unfortunate when an extremely HOT guy has a nerdy name, amirite?

What does a name have anything to do with how attractive somebody is? That shouldn't even matter. :|

Don't lie: We all think we would all be amazing on Wipeout, amirite?

I'd fall before I even started.

There are two types of nerds: the kind that let you cheat off of them, and the kind that don't. amirite?

It depends on who asks if they can copy off of me and how they ask.

Angelina Jolie, Robert Pattinson, Megan Fox, and Johnny Depp. perfect movie, amirite?
@sexysarbear a whore? damn alot of people seem to think im a whore. well how about this.. dont be such a pansy ass, charles...

You pretty much just proved you're shallow by making fun of him because of his name. He can't help what his name is. :| ono smilie

You love it when you sleep in on weekends and think "wow, if i was at school i would be in fourth period now", amirite?

I do that when I'm at home sick.

Why do people who are "gangsta" call their homes "the crib"? Especially when talking to a girl, how is that appealing? "Ay, girl, why don't you come by the crib later? We can suck on pacifiahs allll night, and maybe even cry ourselves to sleep.", amirite?

Pacifiers are the new grillz.

You're always the most tired in math class, amirite?
@AnnDeeva That's annoying. It's like having that one kid in your class who always wants to read, but they have an annoying...

I hate the kid who always wants to read but can't or they talk SUPER quietly and you can't hear anything they're saying

Whenever you listen to a song you know, you automatically think of the place where you first heard it, amirite?

I think of the memories that go with that song, then where I heard it.

Not all drug users are bad people. My dad smokes weed and occasionally uses cocaine, and he is the most caring father I know. Druggies can be great people, amirite?
@its their fault no one denied that you still dont know their situation

No matter what their situation is, there is NO reason to do drugs.

You feel appreciative of the moderators who delete all of the 'crappy posts', amirite?
@Dameequa Or the person that created the post could have searched.

Yes, but mods should also search before homepaging a post. It takes 30 seconds.

You always look at the pictures they take on rollercoasters, but you've never actually bought one, amirite?

I always look like I'm about to hurl.

With the price of groceries, it is now acceptable to cry over spilled milk, amirite?

Good thing I live in Minnesota and can just go milk a cow if I need to.

What people really need is a site for purely anonymous ranting/venting, amirite?

I'd go on there to lol at angsty teenagers' nonexistent problems.