You think you might have been adopted... amirite?

Sadly, I have the same nose and feet as my dad.

Getting nail polish on skin while painting your nails is so annoying, amirite?

I actually kind of like picking off the nail polish from the area around my nails.

It'd be awkward if your dad was your girlfriend's gyno, amirite?

Or if your dad was your gyno.

Spooning usually leads to forking, amirite?
@TicTacAddict ...What's forking? D<

Well... When a mommy loves a daddy... so on and so forth.

It's extremely annoying and painful when you're getting your blood drawn and the lady can't find your vein so she keeps stabbing your arm with the needle, amirite?
@AssCakes That lady was evil. She looked like she was enjoying your pain. :o

She probably was. She was cackling when I was screaming in agony.

Nobody takes the time to say, "Hi, how are you?" on amirite. Its just snappy comebacks on posts, amirite?

The site greets you. They're the only ones that love you.

You wonder where your five year old sister learned the phrase, "Suck my big black dick, bitch!" after her gym teacher sends home a note claiming she told him that. amirite?
@SandboxCzar from one of her other teachers, amirite?

Probably. Damn those nuns and their potty mouths!

People do not need to read on your facebook status that you have cramps, ladies. amirite?

My favorite is when people tweet about changing their tampons.

It's sad how obsessed people are with plastic surgery and perfecting their looks, amirite?
There was a time when you thought volleyball was bally-ball, amirite?

I actually called it "volleyvall". But close enough.

you tend to take advantage of your mom by asking her questions that she would normally say no to while she's on the phone, amirite?

If she says no, she has to explain why. But if she says yes, you can just run off and stop bothering her.

Stores like Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister always smell gross, amirite?
@empires Oh well we didn't get muscly men when I used to go in that store so I guess it's a trade off? lol (though the guys...

Hahah. Having random men walking around shirtless makes me want to run away instead of buy something, they fail at advertising.

At first thought, 11111 seems like it should be a multiple of 11, but it isn't once you do the math, amirite?
@oink Awwww, thank you :P

You are welcome! I needed a reason to kick her anyways. :D

We should call amirite by its initials so we can say that we love "air" and other people won't get the inside joke. amirite?

air sounds dumb. amirite sounds much better. c:

Statistically, 9/11 Americans will be offended by this message, amirite?