In a car ride, you've thought about randomly chucking your cellphone out the window. Then you shut the window. Just in case. amirite?

Just in case what? Just in case the phone gets mad and flies back through the window and debris stabs you?

Having a cat (especially a Siamese) is like having a girlfriend. They're both noisy, demanding and vicious, amirite?
@CBbasketball And evil* x]

That's true too. And they'd rather cuddle than have sex.

That just might be me though. wary smilie

Speaking as a girl from Wisconsin, it annoys us when you call our state West-consin. There is no East-consin. And stop giggling when we say the word bubbler, amirite?

I live right across the river from Prescott. I do not like Wisconsin.

You hate that kid that flips his paper over loudly to let everyone know he's done first, amirite?

I usually am that kid but I like hearing that satisfying sound. :$

you know you always stand next to fatt people to make urself feel better :] ... amirite?

Ohay my mom just died, I think I'll stand next to this fat person to cheer me up! :D

no smilie

If God thought homosexuality was a sin he would not have created gays at all, amirite?

If it isn't natural, then why do some animals have homosexual tendencies?

You never personally knew Ashley, but judging from all the positive feedback, it's very obvious she was a great person and made an impact in several people's life. amirite?
@step sister... or whatever it is. from what asdf told me, the family structure was weird, you guys were close at...

(Your+name+(optional)): Ha! You obviously don't know tight my bond was with Ashley. I could never pull away from Ash, even if I wanted to.

GUYS: You shave one side of your face better then the other. While, GIRLS: You shave one leg better then the other leg, amirite?

Once when I was in 8th grade, I shaved one leg twice and the other not at all. :$ It was embarrassing. I noticed when I was on the way to school.

Even though your shampoo or body wash says "tear free", you still try to avoid getting it in your eyes,amirite?

Duh. It's not like you'll be like "OH HAY. IT WUN MAEK ME CRY. LUTZ POOR IT IN MAH EYEZ. LOLOLOLOL!!1!!!"

Baking is more fun than cooking, amirite?
You hate it when people who you just meet spell you name wrong or pronounce it wrong. I.E. instead of Brandon they say Brenden or spell it that way or Sara instead of Sarah, amirite?

Nora and Norma. D:<

In Canada, a 5 dollar footlong is a 4.78 dollar third meter. amirite?

Not to be one of THOSE people, but I like the number of this post.

It's ridiculous that my parents take half the money I get, amirite?
@Myrania I can't answer on that without knowing more of the situation :(

That's what I was thinking. If the parents take the money for themselves and the person is a teenager, that's wrong. But if the person is living at their house as an adult and the parents are paying for their food, I agree they should help chip in. I also think that the parents are justified in taking half of OP's money if they're putting it in a savings account for them that OP will receive later or will go toward college or something useful.

It's awkward when someone has an almost-mustache, amirite?

If by awkward you mean a huge turn off, yes.

You're slightly taken aback when you invite a new kid to sit by you at lunch and they start growling and barking at you, amirite?

It could have been worse. He could have licked you. :b