Terribly phrased, but incredibly true.

sure you don't like guns now, but what is the first thing you will be looking for if the zombie apocalypse happens. amirite?

cricket bat fo sho

being an ass whole to girls doesn't make you cool an impress anyone just makes you a loser jerk destined to be alone, amirite?
The top girl name of 2010 was Isabella. The top boy name of 2010 was Jacob. What has this world come to? amirite?

Wtf mate!? This is a travesty! I mean theyre nice names but cmon! Im naming my kid aberforth! Who's with me??

There should be no sex until puberty. amirite?
There should be no sex until puberty. amirite?
@chocolatecakeisbad How about after puberty. Better yet, not until adulthood.

props to this, although i do love chocolate cake... mixed feelings..hmmm

Guys should use smileys often when texting girls, amirite?
Dear People trying to save trees, What the hell do you wipe your ass with?! amirite?

leaves? thats ironic..

it's impossible to put the string back in your hoodie, amirite?

totally did it once, but i agree that its a pain

You’ve wondered if people see and taste things different – like, if every person’s tastebuds taste chocolate differently, or when we learn in primary school “this colour is called blue” if we’re all seeing the same colour, or if my blue is different to your blue, amirite?

I have always pondered this!

The three Unforgivable Curses are "Mudblood," "Squib," and "half-breed," amirite?

dont forget blood-traitor!

Johnny Bravo would totally score with Snooki, amirite?

replace "johnny bravo" in this post with "anything with a pulse" and i'll agree

Who was the first person to measure something with their butt, to get the expression "That's a butt load of (noun)!", amirite?

dont forget the metric shit ton

Guys: you don't understand the Harry Potter vs. Twilight hate. If Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart did a lesbian porn scene together, you'd watch it, and it'd be hot. Why can't we all just get along, amirite?

get rid of kristen stewart, add natalie portman.

If you could instantly become perfectly fluent in another language, you know what language you'd pick, amirite?

arabic definitely