About me.


Ima pander :D

So I'm pretty much a big deal around here. smirk smilie

One of my favorite past-times is making posts about myself for attention, because I'm an attention seeking little brat.

My all-time favorite post (that I made) http://www.amirite.net/491547 If I could choose one post to be POTD, I would definitely choose this one.

Me playing Guitar - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKSYts1mWLU&feature=youtube_gdata

and I'm 14 before you ask.

If I respond to a comment you made with the word "derp", that means it was so stupid I was rendered speechless at the pure idiocy.

20,000 YYAs on March 28, 2011!

A cool story: http://www.memagazine.org/backissues/membersonly/may00/features/coolstory/coolstory.html

I created a group for the conservatives on amirite.net. We do absolutely nothing. There's actually no reason at all to join. It is called UNICORN (Union of Nationalist Internet Conservatives who Offer Republican Notions) Credit for the name goes to xxirishwristwatchxx (http://www.amirite.net/user/xxirishwristwatchxx). Message me if you want to join.

We're bingo night partners with the Amirite Nazis. Their leader is Adolf__Hitler.

Qualifications (Must meet at least 3 of 5):
1. You must have at least 20,000 "Yeah You Are's".
2. You must have at least 20 posts homepaged.
3. You must have at least 100 posts.
4. You must have an average score of at least +75.
5. Your posts must have a total of at least 350 favorites.

I made these a lot more strict because of the amount of members. If you're a current member that doesn't meet these new requirements, don't worry, you won't be kicked.

Current Members: Philosophical Panda, Child_Of_ Gallifrey (http:www.amirite.net/user/Child_Of_Gallifrey), ShowPony (http:www.amirite.net/user/ShowPony), RealDizzy (http:www.amirite.net/user/realdizzy), Olson (http:www.amirite.net/user/Olson), xxirishwristwatchxx (http:www.amirite.net/user/xxirishwristwatchxx), Mister_BleuSkye (http:www.amirite.net/user/Mister_BleuSkye), Iwannafingeryou (http:www.amirite.net/user/Iwannafingeryou), Montana (http:www.amirite.net/user/Montana), Team_CoCo (http://www.amirite.net/user/Team_CoCo), jmayrod (http:www.amirite.net/user/jmayrod), Fuzzy (http:www.amirite.net/user/Fuzzy), Charturn (http:www.amirite.net/user/Charturn), ThatGuys (http:www.amirite.net/user/thatguys), 528491 (http://www.amirite.net/user/528491), vivaciouspancakes (http:www.amirite.net/user/vivaciouspancakes), *Joe_Larson (http:www.amirite.net/user/Joe_Larson), EpicFlameSword (http:www.amirite.net/user/EpicFlameSword), *pb55020 (http:www.amirite.net/user/pb55020), SMEXY (http:www.amirite.net/user/SMEXY) *glassJAw (http:www.amirite.net/user/glassJAw), ___ (http://www.amirite.net/user/____)

*Super Members (Meet all 5 qualifications)

glassJAw She listens to pretty much every type of music in the world... except my favorite band Guns N' Roses...

My Anthony link, so that I always have a link to his account to suggest POTDs... http://www.amirite.net/user/Anthony