About me.

My name's Logan. I'm fifteen and I live in California. I think a lot about weird stuff and what-ifs. I play the drums (as a job sometimes but mostly as a hobby). I also love to read and play video games, although I'm not a serious gamer (I'm one of those annoying snipers in CoD who you think is aimbotting). Sometimes I skateboard, but I'm not very good. I almost always have a clear-cut opinion on things unless it's something extremely inconsequential. And I hate sarcasm and irony. I also like being kind of confusing with humor only I understand and, most of the time, people think that something I say or think is stupid, or that they don't get what I'm saying, but it's usually just me thinking out loud and getting a good laugh. A good example is everything I wrote here. My username's NotAllHere because that describes me pretty well as I constantly need to be multitasking, so my attention is never in one place. Also I'm kind of a closet nerd. My closer friends know but most people think I'm with the "cool group." Also my Jungian personality type is the INFP (the Idealist). If you wanna know more about what I'm like go here: http://www.personalitypage.com/INFP.html It's freakishly accurate and this describes me pretty well.

Here are a few of my favorite things:
My favorite color is red.
My favorite three animals are kangaroos, giraffes, and zebras.
My favorite three bands are Jimmy Eat World, Boston, and Coldplay.
My favorite song is Come As You Are (Nirvana).
My favorite flavor of ice cream is cookies and cream.
I love the rain. Also like, cold, misty, foggy, drizzley weather.

P.S. I have no clue as to why my picture is sideways, but I'm too lazy to fix it... And I actually do love sarcasm as well as irony if you didn't catch that.