Your sitting at the computer on amirite?.com, amirite?

Also, any one of us could be standing.

Your sitting at the computer on amirite?.com, amirite?
@FlyingGuineaPig Personally, I'm lying down.

Yeah, maybe someone's doing yoga or something. Endless possibilities...

Telling someone that they're one in a million isn't too special anymore; it's like saying, "There are almost 7,000 people who could replace you.", amirite?
Does McDonald's really have to put "Mc" infront of everything they serve? We get it, it's clever but your kind of abusing it, amirite?
Every time someone favorites one of your posts you stare intensely at their picture and imagine what it would be like to share a box of Cap'n Crunch with them, amirite?

Haha now this is what I'll picture whether or not I try to.

The good thing about having a bad memory is that jokes can be funny more than once. amirite?

Haha this is funny!

If MySpace crashed 90% of teens would die, 9% would laugh until they couldn't laugh anymore and 1% of teens would die of laughing, amirite?

99% of teens wouldn't care and 1% of teens would be like, "Oh... I guess I'll make a Facebook then."

Everybody has that one irrational fear, amirite?

I was always hella scared there would be an earthquake during my dentist appointment.

It's okay peeing on trees, in toilets and showers (while showering), port-a-potties and outhouses but anywhere else, especially in public places like streets and parking garages is gross and should not be done, amirite?

Not peeing in the shower. Other people step in there. That would just be like putting your feet inside a toilet bowl.

Irene is a slut, she's blowing everything, amirite?

The originality of this post is simply enthralling. Great job.

Lord, what would we do without sliced bread, amirite?

Canned bread.

Turbulence when traveling on an airplane actually makes the flight a bit exciting, amirite?

It's pretty funny when there's that old person who thinks it's a terrorist.

You know you've taken an inside joke too far once you've gotten t-shirts printed, amirite?

I'm gonna get this post printed on a t-shirt...

a lisp in the letter "s" for girls is cute, but for guys it's just fuckin hysterical, amirite?

Yeah, Hysterical is kind of a whore.

Detroit is like the Bermuda Triangle of America, amirite?