If someone drinks water and then you drink their pee, you are technically using them as a giant straw. amirite?
The song "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" is about Dad wearing a costume, but we perpetuate to children the idea that Mommy is a cheater instead. amirite?

Before the internet, a kid could get excited about just seeing Santa Claus, period. Regardless of what he was doing.

Hell if it means I get more presents he could bend mommy over, give her the North Pole, and call her a Ho Ho Ho on the way out....

Because your brain is a muscle everything you remember is technically muscle memory. amirite?

that's just wrong

Food in real life never tasted as good as it looked in cartoons when we were kids. amirite?

only if you can't cook

Playing the board game "Pandemic" is very meta at this point in time. amirite?
If you put a pepper on a bell, it becomes a bell pepper. amirite?
@Lordtanner Why does it have to be in a certain order?

Because if a plate is on a table the table isn't on the plate

Today is the slowest day of the year for bakeries, amirite?

Please elaborate

The degree of success is based on how much you learned from your mistakes. amirite?

It Tetris has taught me anything is that mistakes pile up and accomplishments disappear.

Staying indoors may have helped someone break a bad habit they had. amirite?

could also cause someone to relapse with a bad habit

Weird is spelt weird because the word is weird, amirite?
Millennials may end up being the first generation in over a century to have suffered a recession when entering the job market and then suffer a recession when starting a family. amirite?

Luckily enough- ,oh wait I'm not a millennial...

Years look weird when you put in the comma. amirite?

1999 babies are heavier than 1949 babies because there are 50 more of them.

Sanitary pads is the clinical way of saying vagina bandages, amirite?
If the Encyclopedia Brown series were written in the 21st century, he'd be known as Wikipedia Brown, amirite?

Or Google McDougal

When you whisper or yell in your mind, the volume never changes, amirite?

That's not true at all.