About me.

Hey what's up? I'm Ryan, a 15 year old from Connecticut. And the truth is, there IS nothing to do there. Anyway, I doubt you care so here are some facts about me:

--I play basketball, and despite being really short, (5'2''), I'm pretty good.
--I sing.
--I never outlived my dinosaur obsession from second grade and I'm not ashamed to admit that
--I am a hat and t-shirt entusiast with collections of both
--I am a fan of the Yankees, Pirates, NY Giants, and Celtics
--I couldn't care less about soccer
--I'm a history nerd and can name every president in order
--I suck at math, but I'm otherwise smart.
--I am a serious procrastinator
--I hate being short
--I try to avoid profanity
--I am a Harry Potter nerd and a fan of the Skinjacker Trilogy.
--The longest book I have read was 1141 pages long.
--I hate the Miami Heat
--I prefer country and old rock to pop (exception: Michael Jackson and Elvis)
--I am on Youtube and Google Plus, and Facebook, not twitter Twitter
--I like rollercoasters
--My favorite movie is Jurassic Park
--My favorite shows include Touch, HIMYM, and That 70s Show
--My childhood was......Harry Potter & Spongebob.
--I'm okay with gay marriage and pro choice.
--I'm strongly in favor of some form of gun control.
--I believe half of the people in the world are idiots (no offense to 50% of you)
--I am on amirite, and I think it's pretty great.
--I am addicted to all things gummy candy.

So, yeah thats me. Questions? Message me and be sure to vote on my posts. Thanks!

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