It would epic to be that person who discovers the missing ingredient to kill 100% of germs, amirite?

But then they would probably get several lawsuits pertaining to the fact they they killed some of the annoying persons. D:

Snow White is a bit of a stupid name for a character that wears mostly yellow/blue, amirite?

Were you stillborn?

No one rarely finishes their rubber, it's either stolen, lost or gets broken in half, amirite?

Oh my god!! I'm so glad someone clarified that this meant eraser. You know... I do often have problems with people stealing my condoms.

You don't really like snow. amirite?

Oh my god, I hate snow. It's cold, and wet, and then it freezes onto the sidewalk and people can slip and hurt themselves. I hate it.

boys: we all secretly have 3 balls, amirite?

I'm a female and I secretly have a third testicle....

Dumbledore knows everybody's business, he knows everything about everyone. That's why his beard is so big, it's full of secrets. amirite?

But this one time, his parents bought him the really cool pair of gold robes for Hanukkah, but gold robes was Aberforth's thing, so Albus had to pretend like he didn't like them. :(

Thank God no shave-November is almost over, all those Freshmen were starting to look Mexican. amirite?

You can't forget about Don't Shave December!!!

If you're watching the World Cup, it's extremely distracting how the players shadows make Xs around them, amirite?

I love how this is just now getting onto the homepage.

Your virginity is the best wedding present you could ever give, amirite?

I would hope that the best wedding gift would be your undying love and commitment?

If you live in the US, you know someone who stayed home to play Call of Duty Black Ops, amirite?
If evolution exists, then why do animals go extinct? Wouldn't they just evolve and adapt, amirite?

alright, that doesn't even make sense.

Don't you think it slightly ironic that BT (British Telecom) use British actors with nice clear English accents on their adverts? The last time I phoned BT, I ended up ordering a chicken tikka masala! amirite?

I don't get this... At all.

You've seen a student fight a student, and on very rare occasions, a student fight a teacher. However, seeing a teacher fight a teacher would be a highlight to your life, amirite?

two of our band directors got into a fight. It was great!

They say I look yummy and they want a taste, but I'm a human not a sandwich, amirite?
There are three main criteria that an activity has to meet to be a sport. It has to be competitive, it has to be physically exerting, and it has to be scored in a way that doesn't involve judges because the score they give is arbitrary. This means that swimming, track, and ultimate frizbee are sports. However, NASCAR, cheerleading, golf, and dancing are not. amirite?

Marching band is a sport, and it involves judges.