A year's supply of calendars isn't as much as it sounds, amirite?
Dumbledore knows everybody's business, he knows everything about everyone. That's why his beard is so big, it's full of secrets. amirite?

But this one time, his parents bought him the really cool pair of gold robes for Hanukkah, but gold robes was Aberforth's thing, so Albus had to pretend like he didn't like them. :(

It's weird/clever how in Harry Potter, if you say Diagon Alley / Knockturn Alley as one word, you get diagonally / nocturnally, amirite?
@Someone fails.

Well excuse me for paying more attention to the plot than the structure of words.

In a way, everybody looks like some kind of animal, amirite?

Or flowers. For example, you look like a pansy.

No one rarely finishes their rubber, it's either stolen, lost or gets broken in half, amirite?

Oh my god!! I'm so glad someone clarified that this meant eraser. You know... I do often have problems with people stealing my condoms.

Marshmallow peeps are cheap and gay, amirite?


When you're little and you see a scary movie, it embeds a phobia in you that you wouldn't have otherwise. Amirite?

Barney made me afraid of bears.
You know, that one episode, with the turtle and the rape whistle in the forest?

School related uniforms(marching uniforms, concert dresses, tuxes, etc.) are ALWAYS hot and itchy, amirite?
You've always wanted to pause time for a little bit and walk around, observe people, do certain things to certain people, and rearrange things while everyone was in their frozen state, then go back and continue time on your command and act like nothing happened, amirite?

Like Piper does!! xD

'Cause you know, I like ketchup on my tuna sandwich....

The first word that comes to your mind that starts with the letter x is xylophone, amirite?
Leo should have never become an Elder, amirite?

I don't think that any of you understand what the hell I'm talking about.

If that were the case, you'd be going down the toilet...

You don't really like snow. amirite?

Oh my god, I hate snow. It's cold, and wet, and then it freezes onto the sidewalk and people can slip and hurt themselves. I hate it.

Don't you think it slightly ironic that BT (British Telecom) use British actors with nice clear English accents on their adverts? The last time I phoned BT, I ended up ordering a chicken tikka masala! amirite?

I don't get this... At all.