About me.

Hey :)
I am devonna, a freshmen in college. I am 18 and living life to the fullest. I have many beliefs so you know deal with it. I love new friends and talking and of course making dirty jokes lol.
I am a lover not a fighter unless we are in that "situation" lol.
I will tell you if your hot and if your not.
I am friends with all sorts of people, from preps to gang members(no im dead serious.)
I love them all.
I have my nose pierced and i love it :).
I dont really know anyone on here but id love to get to know all ya'll.
i have a southern drawl when im angry haha.
I really dont care what you say about me cause ive heard worse.
Well hit me up on facebook if you wanna know me, im the redhead with the nose piercing.