Fuck Boy Scouts. Instead there should be MAN SCOUTS! Activities include tying knots WITH A PYTHON, pitching a tent MADE OF LATEX AND CYANIDE, and earning merit badges and pinning them to YOUR BARE NAKED, HAIRY TORSO. Girl scouts have cookies? That's cool. We've got SMOKED KRAKEN ON A STICK! Amirite?
In Apples to Apples getting the Helen Keller card is like getting a wild card that automatically makes you win that round, amirite?

Or Anne Frank.

if everyone fails a test in a certain subject, that says something about your teaching, not your students amirite?

Sounds like my government class. Our last paper, nobody got higher than a B and he wrote on every single paper that it was because we didn't compare American government to Swedish government. In cas you're wOndering, the prompt was, "Describe how democracy can accommodate both capitalism and socialism." That's it. You'd think that if it was such a huge deal, he'd have told us to mention Sweden in the paper, rather than have the entire class get at most a B for the exact same reason. And write it as a comment on every single paper. Seems like that would have saved him some time.

It's kind of annoying when kids say their life is music, but they have yet to be in Marching band where you actually live, breathe and dream about it, amirite?
@smokebluntsfuckcunts this post should include jazz band, orchestra, choir, piano players and anything else that involves performing(:...

Thank you. I'd like to see OP try show choir and then pass judgment. My friends are all in band, and they act the same way, like their entire lives are marching band and everyone else is second-rate. But I'd like to see them try singing and dancing at the same time and then talk about how "easy" it is.

You know society is retarded when you see the nutritional facts printed on water bottles. Seriously, it's the nutritional fucking facts. Of water. What the hell, did our brains just shit themselves and then proceed to ooze out of our ears or what? We should just go down to the store and buy some fucking common sense for the christ's sake. amirite?
@Chromana Reminds me of a case where a woman sued the Cocacola company because she thought diet coke would make her lose...

And that reminds me of the woman who sued McDonald's for not putting a "Caution: Hot" warning label on their coffee cups. And won. If that's not a sign of a screwed-up society, I don't know what is.

if everyone fails a test in a certain subject, that says something about your teaching, not your students amirite?
The violin is a beautiful instrument, but only when people who are good play it. Otherwise it just sounds like your torturing furry woodland creatures, amirite?

Ha. Nice one (:

Your profanity by usage: 3% injury, 2% stupidity, 95% mario kart. Amirite?
@Ram27 You stole that from XKCD.

That's exactly when I thought when I saw this. Fail.

It's amusing when someone calls you a Satan worshiper when you're listening to a screamo or rock song that actually has religous meaning to it. amirite?

I have a friend who was listening to Skillet in her room one day and her mom came in screaming "DEVIL CHILD!!" because of it. I was amused.

The violin is a beautiful instrument, but only when people who are good play it. Otherwise it just sounds like your torturing furry woodland creatures, amirite?

Ha. Nice one (:

You want to go on an epic, life-changing field trip with Zuko, amirite?

Danny Zuko or Prince Zuko of the fire nation? I feel this needs to be specified.

Nobody is REALLY sure what Bohemian Rhapsody is about, amirite?

Queen never said exactly what the song is about, but they said part of their inspiration for it was the novel "The Stranger" by Albert Camus, which is about a guy who is completely apathetic towards everything ("nothing really matters"). The only person he has any connection to is his mother, hence the beginning of the song is addressing "Mama." Halfway through the book, he kills a man because, long story short, the sun was in his eyes (there's more to it, and the guy he kills is significant, but it's complicated). The second half of the book deals with the trial, in which he is proven guilty based on circumstantial evidence and clouded judgment, and is sentenced to death. So the murder/court case model is basically correct, just with a little more context. I highly recommend the book, too - it's not my favorite, but it really makes you think. Also, like I said, it doesn't explain the entire song, but it comes pretty close.

Went to an Iron Maiden concert yesterday. Instead of pulling out lighters at the end everyone pulled out their cell phones. What happened to the good ol' days? amirite?

Because no one has a lighter anymore.

Hey guys I'm a girl. I mess with your heart and play with your feelings. I take everything seriously and get other people to make fun of you. I complain that I have my heart broken but in all reality I broke his heart, amirite?

Hey girls, I'm a guy. I play with your feelings and get you to trust me completely. I take everything as a joke and I'm afraid of commitment. As soon as things get too serious, I'm out. I don't care if I hurt you, as long as I get laid.

This makes just about as sense. Just sayin'.

Cheerleading at most schools isn't a sport; it's the most annoying girls at the school jumping around trying to get attention. But when impressive gymnastics are integrated into the routine and girls are sent flying 30 feet into the air to do flips and shit, then cheerleading is a sport. amirite?

Cheerleading is sexist. The only reason cheerleading was created was that girls couldn't actually participate in sports, so it ended up being, "Oh, hey, I have an idea, how about the girls just stand there and cheer for the guys?"

I agree, competitive cheerleading should be considered a sport, but simply cheering at MEN'S sporting events is an antiquated system that shows the implication that men are superior to women...and one that is regularly enabled by high schools, universities, and professional sports leagues. That is my problem with cheerleading, not the fact that it's not terribly strenuous physical activity.