Nobody is REALLY sure what Bohemian Rhapsody is about, amirite?

Queen never said exactly what the song is about, but they said part of their inspiration for it was the novel "The Stranger" by Albert Camus, which is about a guy who is completely apathetic towards everything ("nothing really matters"). The only person he has any connection to is his mother, hence the beginning of the song is addressing "Mama." Halfway through the book, he kills a man because, long story short, the sun was in his eyes (there's more to it, and the guy he kills is significant, but it's complicated). The second half of the book deals with the trial, in which he is proven guilty based on circumstantial evidence and clouded judgment, and is sentenced to death. So the murder/court case model is basically correct, just with a little more context. I highly recommend the book, too - it's not my favorite, but it really makes you think. Also, like I said, it doesn't explain the entire song, but it comes pretty close.

Some of your favorite fictional characters would piss you off in real life. Cartman, Bender, GLaDOS, etc... amirite?

Barney Stinson.

If you live in a small town or very 'quiet' state, you get excited when it's featured on the news or on a documentary of something, amirite?

Not at all. Nothing good ever happens in Ohio. Especially Cleveland. I cannot wait to get out of Cleveland.

It is the height of Windows' intelligence when it tries to figure out why your computer cannot connect to the internet and tries to check online for help. amirite?

That, and when they tell me to "Check the disk drive to make sure the door is closed and that you have inserted the correct disk" on my netbook...which doesn't have a disk drive. facepalm

There's a brief moment of panic when you're sitting in class daydreaming and you think you're being called on because the teacher says a word that sounds similar to your name, amirite?

English class, when they tell you to use MLA format for your papers. I mean, as much as it already sucks to be named Emily...

if everyone fails a test in a certain subject, that says something about your teaching, not your students amirite?
if everyone fails a test in a certain subject, that says something about your teaching, not your students amirite?

Sounds like my government class. Our last paper, nobody got higher than a B and he wrote on every single paper that it was because we didn't compare American government to Swedish government. In cas you're wOndering, the prompt was, "Describe how democracy can accommodate both capitalism and socialism." That's it. You'd think that if it was such a huge deal, he'd have told us to mention Sweden in the paper, rather than have the entire class get at most a B for the exact same reason. And write it as a comment on every single paper. Seems like that would have saved him some time.

It's always awkward when you ring a doorbell and aren't quite sure if it actually rung or not. You don't want to ring it again because you'll seem rude, but if you didn't ring it, how would they know you're there, amirite?

That's why I always knock.

Yeah, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 and was beautiful. But a size 14 then is more like a size 10 now, which is smaller than the average person, amirite?

But you still have Kim Kardashian going on about how she felt so insecure about herself when she was a size 6, but now that she's a size 2, she's never felt better! No matter what the average is, that's still what people see.

...Then why do you smoke? Legitimate question, I'm honestly curious.

There are some weird ass stories in the bible. Like Judges 19. What were the people who put the bible together thinking when they decided to include that? "Hmm, you know what this book really needs? A gang rape! Nothing drives home the message of God like a gang rape.", amirite?

Epic win for the Council of Nicea.

sometimes you wonder, is this all real? is this really happening? amirite?
@Caught in a landslide no escape from reality

Open your eyes, look up to the skies, and see...

There's one teacher you had/have that was terrible, and another you could totally hang out with outside of school. amirite?

Legit quote from my best friend, TODAY: "You know you've crossed the teacher-student boundary line when she texts you to ask you to babysit her niece and nephew for the night." I kid you not, she told me about it like six hours ago. How timely.

It's strange that people always associate Hamlet's "to be or not to be" speech with him holding the skull. Hamlet said that speech into the mirror, the skull speech was "Alas, poor Yorrick, I knew him well" or something like that, amirite?

I've been saying this for years.

It's amusing when someone calls you a Satan worshiper when you're listening to a screamo or rock song that actually has religous meaning to it. amirite?

I have a friend who was listening to Skillet in her room one day and her mom came in screaming "DEVIL CHILD!!" because of it. I was amused.