About me.

well hello there (:

I appreciate you taking the time to stalk my profile.
hmm...I'm guessing you're here because you want to know about me? lol...well where do I even start?

Me In a Nutshell:

-I play guitar (:
-I am a fully devoted christian freak
-I am in high school (woot upper classmen!)
-My favorite band of all time is The Beatles (: I like to believe their music actually changed the world a little bit heh heh.
-I am a generally friendly and happy person (unless you mess with my guitar)
-I love my family and friends (: Those weirdos pretty much keep my life amazing.
-If you want to know what I look like...I am the one in my profile pic wearing white (: the other chick is my sister. hehe.

My family members in the amirite community are:
-penguinsrokmysox (my little sis hehe. I recommend you don't mess with her, she's sweet...but VICIOUS)
-ncrocks (my bro...he's probably in his room devising an evil scheme to take over the world atm)
-wafflelover (my cousin (: she's a weirdo, but I love her to death)

but enough about me...tell me about yourself!

Leave me a message (:

oh...and btw...jude?...Dont make it bad :D