One day people are going to be shocked they actually allowed smoking in society, amirite?

The self destructive tendencies and desire for freedom of humans will prove you wrong.

If a product listed dihydrogen monoxide as an ingredient someone would definitely complain about unnecessary chemicals. amirite?

to be fair though, everyone who has consumed dihydrogen monoxide, in any quantity, has died or will die

Weird Al Yankovic's band can play any song. amirite?
If you got braces as a kid it wasn't cuz you were a nerd. It's cuz your parents cared about your dental health. amirite?
Somehow, 7/10 sounds way better than 3.5/5 even though it's exactly the same. amirite?

3.5/5 means (7/2)/5 which is 7/10. So yeah. But it takes a lot of effort to think about it that way. It's better and easier to just say 7/10.

During every cremation at a funeral, there is a point where the meat is perfectly cooked. amirite?

Cremation usually doesn't take place at a funeral.

It's hilarious to see people on singing shows raise their mics to their mouths to nod. It's a silent gesture, y'all! amirite?

I pretend to walk faster without walking faster in crosswalks

Homosexuality is most likely humanity's natural form of population control. amirite?

By that logic 90% of China and India should be gay by now

You have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth that is to be shared for talking, eating, laughing and kissing. People are naturally inclined to find you a balanced person if you observed, listened, ate, laughed and kissed 20 times more than you talked. amirite?

That's why I show them my spreadsheet.

Bending down to check the height of the flame on your gas stove may be the only part of the cooking process that has remained unchanged for nearly 200 years. amirite?

Sausage over a campfire is still a thing, but you're probably right about indoor cooking unless you count the cooling process in which case pies have been sitting on the windowsill for probably millennia.

If someone is stuck in a timeloop, technically we're ALL stuck in a timeloop, they're just the only ones who know, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Unless it's only occurring in a specific spot

That would imply that exiting a timeloop is just a matter of going to a far enough away location

Adults, adolescents and children arguing with each other online is why every issue becomes so polarized. amirite?

Okay, boomer. Whatever...

Reloading a gun in reality is not simple as reloading a gun in game. amirite?
@mihneacuzino2 Neither is snowboarding as I quickly found out. 🤣

It was funny seeing my brother using a snowboard because it looks cool (ego issues). I had fun for 4 hours on my skis, while he struggled 3 hours, changed to skis, and was a complete noob on ski as he hadnt the experience like me the last hours. It was great for me

It's amazing how often usernames check out. amirite?
Someone needs to come up with a supplement that makes your farts smell nice, amirite?

Why not just have a filter you stick in your shorts.