When you walk forward in a train, you are faster than the train. amirite?

Cue the flat earther argument of no relative velocity…

Black holes are the most lovecraftian thing in existence, amirite?

Cthulhu has entered the chat

The last Picture your old phone captures is the thing that makes it obsolete. amirite?
Metaverse is being created for the sole purpose of allowing Mark Zuckerberg to be able to look like a human during interactions. amirite?

Err… umm… it's still not working

Somehow, 7/10 sounds way better than 3.5/5 even though it's exactly the same. amirite?

3.5/5 means (7/2)/5 which is 7/10. So yeah. But it takes a lot of effort to think about it that way. It's better and easier to just say 7/10.

Since having three nipples is possible, if you only have two nipples, you have a below average number of nipples. amirite?

Some women lose their nipples due to breast cancer. So I'm not sure on the math. You may be right but there's a good chance you're wrong.

Lego kills old celebs so they don't have to change their rules, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Yes

...Lego kills Celebs....got it

If you date someone who has an identical twin, you probably know what their twin looks like naked. amirite?
@Achilles982 That's why I said "probably"

you have an attitude problem reevaluate it

AITA is a great place for therapist to find clients. amirite?

Only if they ARE the asshole.

Someone somewhere, Has a crush on you and will love you to pieces if they had the chance and you are likely totally oblivious to it. amirite?
Banks take our money and pay us so little interest. We take bank's money and pay them so much interest. amirite?

...lube not included.

Drooling is a mouth orgasm, amirite?

Drooling gives me a pants orgasm!

Mace Windu was essentially Yoda's muscle and did all his dirty work. amirite?
If you like a YouTuber, watch their commercials without skipping. amirite?
If you like a YouTuber, watch their commercials without skipping. amirite?

Absolutely not.