Mace Windu was essentially Yoda's muscle and did all his dirty work. amirite?
The first company to project ads across the moon is going to get ultra rich. amirite?

Imagine if it's Geico

All guys want are nudes yet they don't get any and all girls want is to not get nudes and yet that's all they get. amirite?

There seems to be a obvious solution to this, but neither side wants to budge

Planning and building more and more effective weapons to kill each other is really waste of money. amirite?

Depends on the spoils of war.

Lego kills old celebs so they don't have to change their rules, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Yes

...Lego kills it

Number of people older than you never increases. amirite?

Unless you get close to a black hole

Every wolf you see is half werewolf. amirite?

I suppose you could say the same for every human too...

Black holes are the most lovecraftian thing in existence, amirite?

Cthulhu has entered the chat

Sleeping for 5 hours or 5000 years may relatively feel the same. amirite?

about to do that nyquil and find out

A hot dog is a certain shape when it goes one end of you. It is also the same shape when it's coming out of the other. amirite?
@Sewcrazy4cats Man I've never eaten a spicy molten liquid hot dog

I was thinking the same thing, but I could never have said it as elegantly as you did.

The association of wisdom with being old, gave a lot of old people respect they don't deserve. amirite?
The "&" symbol looks like a guy dragging his ass through the floor. amirite?

It's called an "Ampersand". It literally comes from the phrase "and per se". Back before the alphabet was agreed upon by everyone, the Ampersand would come at the end of most alphabets, followed by misc letters.

One day your contact list will have more numbers of dead friends than living. amirite?
Our species is one of the rare ones with only 2 breasts, amirite?
Mario is the most well known Italian. amirite?