Darts are a game where you practice yet another skill that guns made obsolete. amirite?
The person who holds the record for having sex with the most people was probably forced to. amirite?

Houston 500. But she was paid for it.

Homosexuality is most likely humanity's natural form of population control. amirite?
If you got braces as a kid it wasn't cuz you were a nerd. It's cuz your parents cared about your dental health. amirite?
Homosexuality is most likely humanity's natural form of population control. amirite?

By that logic 90% of China and India should be gay by now

Our species is one of the rare ones with only 2 breasts, amirite?
You can't kidnap a person, but at your whim can you make a person without them knowing, amirite?

Can you make a person? Yes, with a bit of friskiness.

The vagina is the original 3D printer, amirite?
Every year the anniversary of the meteor impact that killed off the dinosaurs goes by quietly, but no one knows, amirite?

But remember that the length of a day was shorter back then—approximately 23.5 hours—so a year would have had ~373 days, and therefore no single date would correspond to the date when the meteor struck.

People who live in rented homes are technically homeless. amirite?
Since having three nipples is possible, if you only have two nipples, you have a below average number of nipples. amirite?

Some women lose their nipples due to breast cancer. So I'm not sure on the math. You may be right but there's a good chance you're wrong.

Animals are smarter than humans in at least one way. Animals would never let the dumbest member of the herd lead the rest. amirite?

Lemmings will follow eachother off a cliff.

The last Picture your old phone captures is the thing that makes it obsolete. amirite?
Putting down an animals that suffers is the "humane" thing to do, but in most cases humans with a condition that causes permanent suffering are kept alive as long as possible. amirite?

In Canada, one may ask to be medically euthanized if certain criteria are met.

Life has a word limit, amirite?

No it doesn't.