Reloading a gun in reality is not simple as reloading a gun in game. amirite?
@mihneacuzino2 Neither is snowboarding as I quickly found out. 🤣

It was funny seeing my brother using a snowboard because it looks cool (ego issues). I had fun for 4 hours on my skis, while he struggled 3 hours, changed to skis, and was a complete noob on ski as he hadnt the experience like me the last hours. It was great for me

The association of wisdom with being old, gave a lot of old people respect they don't deserve. amirite?
The Moon is the more useful than the Sun since it gives us light during the night, when it is dark. The Sun shines only in the daytime, when it is light anyway. amirite?

Holy crap, I hope you are joking

One of the more unrealistic depictions of real life in movies is the portrayal of a full breakfast being made and the family sitting down to eat on a work/school day. amirite?
@teknogreek I think the depiction is just a holdover from a time of old school American values. Only that people (mostly...

Do you mean like the people that pretend that the ancient tribalistic ways of living, pre colonial, are idyllic heavens of pure life and if the white man hadn't of existed then everyone would be happy?

People who live in rented homes are technically homeless. amirite?
"You do you" is always sarcastic. amirite?


The members of the Supreme Court probably have a group iMessage. amirite?

Unless they don't all have iPhones

Maybe one day body augmentation will be advanced enough to give you a bionic butthole, amirite?

I prefer automatic anus

Babies arrive in one of two ways: delivery or takeout. amirite?

Good one!

Gen Z might have been the last generation to know what it's like to get up early in the morning to catch your favorite cartoons on TV. amirite?
Bending down to check the height of the flame on your gas stove may be the only part of the cooking process that has remained unchanged for nearly 200 years. amirite?

Sausage over a campfire is still a thing, but you're probably right about indoor cooking unless you count the cooling process in which case pies have been sitting on the windowsill for probably millennia.

A hot dog is a certain shape when it goes one end of you. It is also the same shape when it's coming out of the other. amirite?
@Sewcrazy4cats Man I've never eaten a spicy molten liquid hot dog

I was thinking the same thing, but I could never have said it as elegantly as you did.

If you did a lot of community service when you were young, you were either a very good kid, or a very bad kid. amirite?

Or you wanted to get into a good college

Drooling is a mouth orgasm, amirite?

Drooling gives me a pants orgasm!

When you walk forward in a train, you are faster than the train. amirite?

Cue the flat earther argument of no relative velocity…