Corn is a bean. amirite?

By that logic, a tomato is a bean.

Disabled animals are considered cute but disabled humans are often made fun of. amirite?

The same assholes that would make fun of a disabled person wouldnt find a disabled animal cute.

People who live in rented homes are technically homeless. amirite?
We are all 13.7 billion years old, amirite?

Actually we are current years old + 9 months,

If you like a YouTuber, watch their commercials without skipping. amirite?

Absolutely not.

One of the more unrealistic depictions of real life in movies is the portrayal of a full breakfast being made and the family sitting down to eat on a work/school day. amirite?
@teknogreek I think the depiction is just a holdover from a time of old school American values. Only that people (mostly...

Do you mean like the people that pretend that the ancient tribalistic ways of living, pre colonial, are idyllic heavens of pure life and if the white man hadn't of existed then everyone would be happy?

Cash currency are only gift cards for the countries that print them. amirite?
If you tap the electronic rectangle in your pocket in the right places at the right times you can be a billionaire. amirite?

Or you can have your penis elongated with one simple trick.

Since having three nipples is possible, if you only have two nipples, you have a below average number of nipples. amirite?

Some women lose their nipples due to breast cancer. So I'm not sure on the math. You may be right but there's a good chance you're wrong.

People who live in rented homes are technically homeless. amirite?
Despite the human population being the highest it's ever been, we are increasingly relying on programs that find potential partners for us. amirite?

I think it's just easier to find a match when you look at people in your entire state rather than just the people on the street you grew up on

If you're a hot girl you can drive the ugliest car in the world and no guy bats an eye but a hot guy driving a POS is a failure. amirite?
@Trashy21 I drive a pos, it's still running why would I replace it?

What is considered a pos car anyway? 😅 I feel like different people may have a different perception about this.

Someone somewhere, Has a crush on you and will love you to pieces if they had the chance and you are likely totally oblivious to it. amirite?
What's going down is the opposite of what's up. amirite?

Yea but have you ever seen down dog?

You have probably never heard a bus honk its horn, amirite?
@Shiny244 Why does literally everything have to be about race. Sad

Because race is inextricably linked to virtually every aspect of American society. Why does the very act of mentioning that make some people so butthurt?