Maybe one day body augmentation will be advanced enough to give you a bionic butthole, amirite?

I prefer automatic anus

If you find yourself intimidated by others in general just remember you are looking at a member of a species that likes to lick each other's private parts. amirite?

…isn't that most animals in general?

Life has a word limit, amirite?

No it doesn't.

It's December when shores are abandoned . Kingdom of sand left without a sand castle. for the year, It's THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN, amirite?
Darts are a game where you practice yet another skill that guns made obsolete. amirite?
Babies arrive in one of two ways: delivery or takeout. amirite?

Good one!

AITA is a great place for therapist to find clients. amirite?

Only if they ARE the asshole.

If you the way word extraordinary all the way through it sounds fantastical, but if you pronounce it like extra-ordinary, it sounds just a little better than ordinary. amirite?

That word is reserved for David Attenborough narration for planet earth. That's HIS word

Someone somewhere remembers you because you were really weird to them, amirite?
Gen Z might have been the last generation to know what it's like to get up early in the morning to catch your favorite cartoons on TV. amirite?