A person doesn't choose to be gay or straight, it's just who they are and they can't change that. amirite?

I've never met anyone who woke up one day, jumped out of bed, and exclaimed "I'm gay!".

Nickelback's song "Rockstar" makes the band seem like sellouts, amirite?
My sister wants to name her baby Asher. I have the right to make him become a Pokemon Trainer, amirite?

I think he is destined to save the world from zombies.

The metallic taste of your own blood kind of makes you cringe, amirite?

People actually like tasting their own blood?

Someone should really invent earphones without the cords, so when you go to sleep listening to music, you won't wake up being strangled by the cords, amirite?
We hear about all these celebrity marriages not lasting. Larry King on his 8th divorce. Elizabeth Taylor looking for hubby number nine. Tiger Woods, Jesse James. Britney Spears getting married just for the hell of it, and the marriage lasts all of 2 days. Everyone seems to be okay with that though. It's same sex marriage that is going to destroy everything that marriage stands for, amirite?
@Lazynez I believe the post creator intended the last sentence to be sarcastic.

Thank you! I hate how sarcasm doesn't get conveyed very well via this site.

Its really gay when people try to hide their accent because most accents are either hot on guys or just suddely cute on girls... amirite?
Even tho you KNOW its bad for your body, you still crack something on you. Like your knuckles, toes, neck. Etc. Amirite?

It's not necessarily bad for your body. Chiropractors crack your back and neck.

Sometimes abbreviations make sense. Especially when your medium is the 140 character limit SMS text. However when you're sitting at your computer there is no excuse to use text language. Nobody could possibly be that lazy that they need to save one letter by typing "ne" instead of "any". amirite?
@Mine's 160.. What kind of phone do you have..?

I have a blackberry, it might be 160 but for most phones it's 140.

When I was your age..i was blowing bubbles. Not boys. amirite?
someone posted that the beach is the best part of florida, but actually, the WWoHP is the best, amirite?
@JustBeingMary wizarding world of harry potter

Oh god fuck that. At least on the beach there is some eyecandy in the form of chicks in bikinis.

FTW is NOT WTF backwards, you sound really stupid when you put something like "some naked guy was running down my street...FTW?" The meaning of FTW is For The Win. get it right. amirite?

FTW can also mean Fuck The World.

Pro-life is pro-life. Someone who is pro-life cannot oppose abortion yet support the death penalty. It is a contradiction, amirite?
The girls who appear on the Maury show who don't know which of the six guys is their baby's daddy should learn to keep their legs closed, amirite?
@Like this one? http://www.amirite.net/post46417

(A Random Person): Yes, just like that one.

Its weird when you think about how back in the day girls got married to older guys. Now, people (mostly parents) go off about how wrong it is. amirite?

It's kinda funny actually. When I was 22 I dated a girl who was 18 and her mother was vehemently opposed to it. I thought it was funny because her parents were 5 years apart.