@we r in luv for real! u r just jealous! ;)

Yeah... I am :'(

cries in my lonely corner

It's over 9000!

Everyone posting above me except Ant is an ignorant cunt.

@Anthony Than?

Pretty people.

According to a real IQ test or one on the internet?

I love you, you love me
We're a happy family

@high fives Still coming to my place tonight?

(A Random Person): Yeah, bringin Mies and Sam with me. Don't forget to forget the condoms ;)

To get fresh air.

But are we speaking French?

@All my posts are good posts. But no one but myself realizes that becuz i'm the only normal person on this planet!

Or maybe they aren't so great. Or maybe they're in the queue which is full of other posts so it will take a while to get them published. Think two hours.


There isn't an app for amirite.

Oh snap!

How you know they were flagged?

Everyone and their brother knows Paramore.

@oink <_< But I do wet my hair and then walk around with a towel... >_>

Plus, when they assume that you did take a shower and you didn't, they get ridiculed. It doesn't really bother me when people ask me...