About me.


I'm Olivia, I'm a freshmen at a very large and very crowded high school. My favorite color (for any of you people who enjoy colors) is green; practically any shade will do besides the vomit-based ones. I love to read, and I enjoy geometry because shapes are the way to go, but apparently that makes me a nerd. At least I'm a cool nerd. I also love to swim, and if you say that competitive swimming is not a hard sport, I might just bite your face off, I'm not saying that your sport isn't a hard sport, respect that. I got a puppy in August, she is one of the cutest things. I was born in Texas (because I'm cool like that) but now I live in New England. I like basically any type of music. One of my favorite singers is drum roll Frank Sinatra. Do you find it weird that I love his music, even though I'm such a "youngster", well, if you do, then you got me all wrong. Call me crazy but, I love classical music, and singers like Jack Johnson. If you read this far, then I applaud you for reading my mediocre bio. Thats just about it.

Rawr? :D

And, my friends don't appreciate the fact that I have Pokemon Black. Do you know how sad that it?