It's slightly disappointing when you find out that twins in a movie were played by one person, amirite?

The Parent Trap..

"ooh ill sing this for the talent show!" ..... "fuck it has a cuss word", amirite?

or you could just sing the clean version

Families should always have a weapon in the house, like a gun, for protection amirite?

that's true, thats why you have to be very careful and avoid that kind of stuff from happening

Around three people are born, and about 1.333 people die each second. The result is about two and two-thirds increase of people every second. Meaning, almost ten more people live on Earth now, than before you started reading this, amirite?
@flipflop386 how does only 1/3 of someone die???

it's just an average, so it doesn't come out perfect

It's slightly disappointing when you find out that twins in a movie were played by one person, amirite?
Getting a notification on amirite is more exciting than facebook. amirite?

Unless it's just a notification about someone commenting on one of your favorite posts

I can't hear you so instead of looking like an idiot I'll just smile and nod, amirite?
@Trollpatrol CHECK ONES ALREADY DONE cuz this one was

yeah, i just saw the other one and it's kinda like mine but still different

i poopd on a lisbens bak n than the poop slipt on my dique than she poopd on the poop on my dique and than she eated it of like a kow, amirite?

I pooped on a lesbian's back and then the poop slipped on my dick, then she pooped on the poop on my dick. Then she ate it like a cow

learn to spell dumb ass

Even though they're out of style, pants pockets with zippers are much more convinient, amirite?
You're a native English speaker. You should know the difference between "your" and "you're", amirite?

your so right

It's kind of hard to think that unless you're already married or engaged there is a good chance that you've never even met your future spouse yet, amirite?
@Had to say no way because it's hard to imagine that I'd marry any of the guys I know, so I've been thinking for a...

i see your point, but the reason i said 'yeah you are' is, the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with starting in five to ten years is someone you don't even know yet

It pretty crazy to think that if everyone in the world gave you a penny, you'd have around $70,000,000, amirite?
@There are more then 7,000,000 people. Try, IDK 7 BILLION

but i said if everyone gave a penny not a dollar

I dont understand how so many married couples these days get divorced. My parents have been happily married for 20 years! Theres something wrong with society these days, amirite?

sorry i didnt mean to offend anyone

Diary of Charmander: Everyday is a fresh introduction into hell. The only time I feel the cool breeze against my scaly cheek is when I'm engaged in unwilling combat with something that looks like a palm tree with legs. Everyday I pray to a God I'm no longer allowed to believe in for a death that will not come. I cant also hear Squirtle pleasuring himself in the adjacent pokeball. amirite?

Okay? a lot of stuff on this site is from somewhere else. I saw it on there, thought it was funny and decided to post it..

you are smoking a surgar and someone is at the door wating for you to pick up the pizza,your naked (now) amirite?

haah wooow your so gay