About me.

I love AVPM. AVPS is good too. I love South Park. I love classic Pokemon. I also love waffles. Ever seen Repo the Genetic Opera? No? THEN GO NOW! My mom and brothers think I'm weird. I love reading good books. I enjoy traveling anywhere. I believe animals have souls. I sometimes believe that my dog understands what I'm saying. I am very easily entertained and get bored just as easily. I try to see all points of view in an argument. SARA - basically my best friend in a long time. We hang out a lot. She means a lot to me, obviously. Bad grammar annoys me a lot. I find Greek mythology and Roman mythology to be really interesting. Egyptian and Norse mythology a little bit as well. I like tv and movies as well as music and poetry. The sky is falling! I want waffles and cotton candy and cheesecake. I often ramble. I love my crazy/random/weird friends. I quite enjoy my own weirdness. I want to travel the world someday. I love sugar cookies. I used to be addicted to Skittles, but got over it through my mom's intervention [I am now addicted to orange Runts.] Rambling can be fun as long as it's stream of consciousness style. Veronica Mars was cool as well as Stuart Little. Chi-Town State of Mind. I like flowers and clouds and fireworks. I sometimes wish I could read peoples' minds or have the powers of flight and invisibility. I love both old music and new. I like The Maine. I love BSB, Christina Aguilera, oldies, reggae, Eminem, rock, pop, rmb, hip-hop, etc. I may have become addicted to Facebook [sad I know]. I have recently realized I am part grammar Nazi. I absolutely love onomatopoeia at random times of the day. Decisions suck. KELLY - my awesome adopted cousin. We hang out a lot. She wanted to be in here...for whatever reason. Anyway, Red Vines. What in the hell can't they do? I tried to convert my mother into liking AVPM...sadly it failed...she did like Malfoy though... or at least his part in Granger Danger...but anyway...I'm 20. I have four brothers. I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I go there every summer to visit family and be a tourist. I love my hometown. :D
Wow, it's been ages since I've been on this site and it's come so far.