It's really attractive when people scrunch their lips together when taking a picture. More people should pose like that. amirite?
It's really annoying that in acne commercials the before has a picture in a tattered shirt and they look really depressed, and then in the after they look all perky and showered with a new outfit, amirite?

Before: Overweight, depressed looking girl with ugly hair
After: Glowing skin, amazing body, huge smile and a different eye color

It's awesome how many things a smile can mean: "hello" "thanks" "you're welcome" "I'm proud of you" "it'll be ok" "i love you",amirite?

"i want to have sex with you"

The republican billboard ad about Obama supporting gay marriage and abortion is terribly unconvincing, amirite?

"Obama supports gay marriage and abortion. Do you?"
Yes, yes I do.

You don't know what day of the week you were born on. amirite?
Guys: It's hard to look at a girl's personality when she has a nice ass and chest and very pretty face. amirite?

If I think a girl is really attractive and then I find out she's a bitch, her attractiveness begins to really annoy me. Like I'll just be looking at how her hair falls perfectly over her shoulder or how she has a really nice body and the whole time I'm thinking "dumb bitch... you and your stupid good looking figure..."

Everyone makes generalizations, amirite?

Haha, I get it. Because you saying that is a generalization. Teehee. hehe smilie

It isn't a holiday unless it has a Google doodle, amirite?
@Suck it Ramadan and Hanukkah!

You seem like a really great person

Pixar is making Finding Nemo 2... How could they lose Nemo again? amirite?

Didn't they make a Home Alone 2 also? Seriously, how could a family forget to take their kid on vacation with them again ????

Every murderer, rapist, psycho and other mentally disturbed people have all had a childhood. Maybe many of them didn't have a good one, but they all were a child at one time. It's sad to think about, amirite?

Remember folks, that little kid smiling and running up and down the aisles at the super market could be a future serial killer!

Maybe obesity rates in America would decrease if restaurants gave you carrot sticks and celery (no dip) instead of bread, amirite?

Yeah, because the occasional bread before a meal served at a restaurant is totally causing the obesity problem in the U.S.

While some foods are very overly aprreciated (like nutella), there are also some foods that aren't given enough credit. Take salt, for example. It's nearly impossible to cook any decent meal with out it and yet you never hear anyone talk about how amazing salt is, amirite?
@AndyBlacksmith I see people eat nutella straight from the container. Try a spoonful of salt and let me know how it tastes.

Try going a week without nutella. Now go a week without any salt in any of your food.

Actaully, no, don't do either of the statements above, beause that would be silly

You don't actually know anyone who is a premium member on a porn site, amirite?

Maybe you do know someone who is a premium member, you just have no way of knowing that they are

We have all been the best at something, amirite?

I'm a fraternal twin.... tie?

You have dragons guarding the gates of your vagina to fight off rape sperm so you don't get pregnant, amirite?