About me.

I'm just a socially awkward penguin.

I figured it's about time I wrote an actual description of myself.

My favorite things are anime, music, and my friends, so I'll talk mostly about that stuff.

Favorite anime:
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Mawaru penguindrum
-Full Metal Panic
-Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
-Deadman Wonderland
-No.6 (cries)
-currently rewatching Naruto from episode 1! I'm on maybe episode 55-ish.
cries again
I used to be seriously crazy about that anime. Seriously, how did I forget to list it as a favorite?

There are more, but the list would go on forever.
Also, I do love anime, but I'm not as crazy as some people are. I don't use words like "kawaii" in all my sentences, I don't cosplay, (maybe someday :3) and if you're not a fan, I promise not to stone you to death.

Favorite Manga:
-Rabbit Doubt
-Deadman Wonderland
-Welcome to the NHK

Favorite Bands:
-The Killers
-Green Day
-Death Cab For Cutie
-the Kooks

(I know I'm forgetting something...)

Favorite video games:
I don't play many, but I really love...
Assassin's Creed
Legend of Zelda
Pokemon c:

My close friends don't even have Amirite accounts, so...

I call them Mahi, Sambi, Neelloc, and Malor.

Random Facts!
-I have a twin sister, she doesn't live with me, we're fraternal, but we look alike.
-I'm an atheist, there will be no changing that. However, I will never EVER hate on you for your beliefs.
-I'm straight, I swear.
-my least favorite subject in school is probably science, only because of my hatred for chemistry.

  • I have medium-length black hair, caramel eyes (sometimes more yellow, sometimes a bit green) I'm about 5'4"
    -I am pretty awesome at playing guitar

Sorry about going into such detail~
Message me.
I have no friends here!

And ermahgerd these thingys were so fun to fill out vv

My life and ambitions.

There are so many little jokes I could write here xD but honestly.... Oh no, I don't know ;A;

A brief history of my life.

I was born.
Then my parents split up when I was really young (this is great because now I have 2 of every holiday) my sister went with my dad, and I lived with my mom. I've switched schools like five times, but I've been in the same school for all of high school, so far. This is the most boring paragraph, sorry!

The things I could never live without.

My iPod/laptop. My friends, my dog... Legs, for sure. That sounds wicked stupid,lmao, but I really love to walk into town and go to the library or the cafe.

My favourite books, TV, music, movies and food.

Escape from Furnace series :D
I love steak, and fish...
And avocados...
Donnie Darko
50 first dates
All of Hayao Miyazaki's films
Hmmm.... Labyrinth! XD

Tv: I don't watch a lot of tv, when I do it's just something I only half watch, whatever's on that isn't totally boring.

The coolest places I've visited.

I'm going to Italy, Greece, and Turkey in just a few months, so I hate to answer this question with something as boring as Lazer Gate. Best place ever.

In my free time I like to...

Do nothing, watch anime, play guitar, draw, or listen to music! :3

You should send me a message if you..

Are human and friendly.
Want to discuss music or anime.
Have an FJ account.
Are disgusted by the sight of tomatoes. I can relate.

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