You wish Mockingjays were real, amirite?
@meemer147 can mockingbirds mimic human songs though? thats the only reason I'd want a mockingjay. if mockingbirds can then...

Yes, mockingbirds can mimic the sounds of other birds, other animals, humans, and even machines. However, it is only unmated male mockingbirds that sing.

You wish Mockingjays were real, amirite?

I'm aware of the theoretical differences as the Mockingjay is a fictional creature. However, the basic concept of the Mockingjay is quite similar to the Mockingbird which mimics the cries of other birds

You wish Mockingjays were real, amirite?

Have you heard of the mocking bird?

Your hair should never be lighter than your skin, amirite?

I have blonde hair naturally but I work outside at a farm so I am always incredibly tan. I fail to see what is wrong with this and I refuse to dye my hair a darker color merely to accommodate your interpretation of beautiful.

It annoys the hell out of me when people say 'i wish my parents were divorced so i could have two Christmases'. It's not worth it, especially if the divorce is ugly, amirite?

I wished for my parents to be separated when I was ten so that I wouldn't have to deal with he fighting anymore......but they didn't, and they're still fighting......eleven years later...

You hate when people think they know the lessons in school. Today in health my teacher asked "why do people put beans in their ears." my answer was, "because their stupid," which was a good answer but my friend knew the lesson was about drugs so he said "to calm them down." that answer is stupid and he thought it would be great because the lesson was about drugs, but really who would do that. amirite?

Translation: I really hate those obnoxious students who think they know what the lesson in class is about. Today in health class (side not: this feels very MLIAish) my teacher asked "Why would someone put beans in their ears?" To which I retorted wittily "Because they are stupid." My friend knew that the lesson for class was about drugs so he tried to be intellectual and cool by saying "To calm them down." I think this answer is stupid so I'm going to make a sensless post on Amirite and mind fuck everyone.

You know you're not a kid anymore when they stop offering you the kids menu at resturants, amirite?
@Usually, I'm offered the kids menu due to my height (I'm 17 and rather short). So one time at a restaurant a little...

The last time I went to Friendlys they offered me the kids menu so I had to inform them that I was 20 and wanted an adult menu.

It sucks when the only band-aids around are too small to cover your injury, amirite?

I just use super glue to seal most of my cuts and lacerations unless it goes too deep - then I might go to a doctor.

It's annoying when your group of friends go to a theme park and there's that one person who doesn't go on any rides, it's like why the hell did you come, amirite?

Thanks :-) I hate when I switch the two up

Two guys kissing is hot. Two husbands kissing is even hotter! Support gay marriage. amirite?

Marriage was also "until death do us part", but divorce seems to work pretty well too...

It's annoying when your group of friends go to a theme park and there's that one person who doesn't go on any rides, it's like why the hell did you come, amirite?

It's annoying when your group of friends go to a theme park and there's that one person who doesn't ever stop bitching because of someone else's decision that effect no one, it's like why the hell did you come, amirite?

It annoys you when really ugly girls are with extremely hot guys. amirite?

Woah, shallow water alert, do not steer the cruise ship in this direction as crashing is inevitable. I repeat, shallow water alert.

You sometimes realize the simplicity of TV shows/movie titles, like "friends": so incredibly simple, amirite?

I fell like this post may have actually been going somewhere profound, but then the complexity of it became that of such huge proportions that the OP had a brain fart and their epiphany vanished.

The state where most astronauts come from is Ohio. Probably so they can get as far away from there as possible, amirite?
@AwesomeCheesecake What's wrong with Ohio?

There's nothing wrong with Ohio, except the snow and the rain. I really love Drew Carey and I'd like to see theRock and Roll Hall of Fame

It's ok to drink excessively on your 21st birthday, amirite?

I won't be drinking on my 21st birthday so my friends will have to get drunk for me.