I wonder how many Home Page votes a post needs to get to the home page. Let's test this, reply with a comment (#1, #2, etc.) after you click Home Page, amirite?

30 votes are needed to homepage it

You've never actually seen a washing machine overflow with bubbles, amirite?

Go to college campuses - it happens a lot. Mostly to kids whose mothers did their laundry for them. We actually had one student whose mother would drive up FOUR hours to come do her laundry every week..... it got old after her mom tried to fold our laundry.... "Thanks m'am, but don't touch my stuff...."

What's with people wearing their shoes inside their homes on TV, amirite?

My shoes are almost always on, but I have 3 dogs and 6 cats. Plus my mom sews, so needles and pins are all over the place - it's safer with shoes on.

Innocence, something that our youth does not know anymore, amirite?

Exactly, I work in a mall and see 9 year olds in shorts that barely cover their ass and enough make-up for a Lady Gaga show. 1. I wore more clothes than that when I was 9, hell I'm 19 and my ass still doesn't hang out of my clothes. 2. At 9, the most "make-up" I wore was chapstick.

How is it we praise Lady Gaga, but people thought Luna Lovegood was strange? amirite?

I only find it tiresome and annoying that Lady Gaga seems to have sold out most of the talent she had "pre-fame" for being an eccentric gimick in order to stay famous. Her music before she was noticed was a lot better. She's not odd becuase she's different, she's odd because it keeps her in the limelight. IMHO

You could have 349 songs on your ITunes, but you'll still just replay the same 3 over and over again until you know every word to each of them, amirite?

Lol, I have a little over 4,500 songs, but I have a set play list of about 2,000 that I listen to non-stop. :-)

There was atleast one teacher you wanted to seduce in high school, amirite?

I had an English teacher sophmore year - 23 years old, and damn did he look like a model.

Teachers should be paid based on their students' grades, amirite?

Once you start that, we'll all pass regardless of how well we've learnt the material. Think about it - if you are paid more for every student that receives an A, then you're going to give everyone an A.

Second hand smoke doesn't kill anyone. Only some people die of it when they actually smoke, you're not gonna die cause some smoke floated your way. So stfu about it, and stop banning it everywhere. amirite?

At the same time, we need to stop being a nanny state style of government and allow people to hold accountability for their own actions. The more we dictate every little actions of people "for their own safety" the more moronic we become.

Teachers should be paid based on their students' grades, amirite?
@thatguys Disctrict-wide testing, stupid

And then we have a system that's already not working - teachers teaching to the test instead of teaching for useful knowledge. I remember more of what I was taught in my science and history classes than my english or math - why? Simply beacuse those teachers took the time to TEACH instead of cramming everything that could possibly be on a test down our throats. District-wide, State-wide, and Nation-wide testing is already not working in case you missed it.

It's really stupid how Illegal Immigrants get free education and taking all of the tax payer's money. People who are actually citizens paying for them to live here. It's ridiculous. amirite?

The issue is the whole Illegal part..... why are we essentially rewarding the breaking of the law?

It's really stupid how Illegal Immigrants get free education and taking all of the tax payer's money. People who are actually citizens paying for them to live here. It's ridiculous. amirite?
@BreakfastFan Because we have empathy. Try putting yourself in the shoes of an illegal immigrant. You have a hard life in a...

I have plenty of compassion. But obviously, if they come here illegally, they aren't agreeing to live by the laws of the land - hence the Illegal part. Furthermore, it's rather a slap in the face to all of the immigrants who choose to come here and have to wait through the due process to recieve a green card. If any of us went to a country illegally and tried to set up residence there, guess what, your prize is a trip to the local prison - not benefits that many citizens aren't even afforded.

It's annoying when you ask a friend "what's wrong" and they reply "nothing" even when something is obviously upsetting them. I'm your friend, just tell me! amirite?

Sometimes we just prefer not to bother other people. I tend to keep my problems to myself, prefering to keep the mood light or help others out instead.

I'm sorry, but if you eat meat - you are not a vegitarian. And no, flexitarianism isn't real - that's called being an omnivore. amirite?

I had to look that one up, but I personally belive so. If you eat animals, you are an omnivore. If you do not eat animals, you are a vegitarian - not when you don't eat some animals. If you do not eat animals or eat/use their byproducts, you are vegan. So, if you decline red meat, but eat chicken - you are still an omnivore, the chicken is meat too. If you do not eat poultry or red meat, but still eat seafood, sorry, still an omnivore, fish is still an animal.

it makes you mad how the taxes collected from hard working Americans are wasted on supporting others who are too lazy to work, amirite?
@WIN. Well, I'm sorry about your aunt, but you put that jerk in his place.

This "jerk" as you oh so elegantly refered to him, was specifically commenting on the freeloaders of our system - Not those who truly deserve help. No one begrudges those in our country who deserve and need help, but plenty of us are sick of barely etching out a living with a paycheck that should be plenty, but isn't because our taxes keep increasing to pay for those who refuse to find a job and work for a living, even though they are plenty able. Read the post before you flip.