About me.

Holy shiznit I've changed since I was last active on here.

Previously Dean_Thomas and ilessthanlikeyou

17 years youmg now, senior in high school, in all advanced classes, git my license.

I spend my weekends wreaking havic driving through town and sneaking into my best friend's dad's batting cage or friends with empty houses places to party with my best friends, it's great.

If two years ago me saw me I'd probably hate who I've become but I could never be happier with who I am.

I've learned so much through high school and gone through so many stages that now my mind is just open to new ideas and experiences and I've finally stopped worrying about things that don't matter.

I've become quite the pragmatist, basically.

Kind of have a slut mentality but I'm okay wuth that hello smilie

Basically I love my life but I can't wait to get out of this stupid small town an dinti a big city :D

I'm hopimg to go to SDSU, cal poly SLO, or umiversity of denver in the fall :D

So i guess thats the end of this long and pretty pointless bio, there's a lot I'm interested in and I'm a friendly person so feel free to message me c:

PS sorry for all the typos, Im in my nook and the keyboard is weird o.o