If you use counterfeit/prop foreign currency in North Korea, they wouldn't be able to find out. amirite?

I'd wager there's a black market that operates on USD even in North Korea and if you got caught you'd be spending life in a hard labor camp.

When an only child dies without having kids, they end a legacy that's been going on since life itself began. amirite?

Only if none of their ancestors had more than one child.

Otherwise, for example, their parents might have had siblings, in which case those genetic lineages would continue as they had since the beginning of life.

sewing is weird. it's just stabbing cloth with smaller cloth until it's clothes. amirite?

Sausages are one of the most savage foods. Not only do we eat the animal, but we chop it into little bits, shove it up its own intestines and then cook it.

People crap on BMW drivers for being rude but not nearly enough contempt is heaped on Chevy pickup owners who are the most hostile drivers on earth, amirite?

A Dodge Charger owner has entered the chat...

There is only enough lithium on planet earth to provide 1-in-5 people with an electric car. amirite?
@Huemaninstrument Diamond nuke batteries look promising.

Graphene batteries are probably the better long term solution.

In a relationship with Wolverine, getting fingered would have to be so stressful. amirite?
A 15 minute timeout as a kid feels like an eternity. A 15 minute break at work feels like nothing. amirite?

who's documented this ?

If you had half a beer then half of that and so on, you could drink for ever and never have a full beer. amirite?
@Achilles982 Until you start splitting atoms

After all they end up in quantum realm

No one has ever seen their own face. amirite?
@Lecturesea7537 I never am not seeing my nose while my eyes are open.

That's true, but that's only a small part of your face.

Not adding sugar to your tea or coffee doesn't make you more "mature", amirite?

Food has no age restrictions (other than human breast milk limited to only babies and alcohol for those above a certain age depending on country)

Adam & Eve is a good title for a sex shop and a rib joint, amirite?
@Sybersonic I believe he is making the reference to God taking a rib from Adam to form Eve

I got that bit.

Imagine a sex shop, a seedy grubby place. Now op suggested this shop was also a rib joint, would you order food from a grotty sex shop?

Adam and Eve were just ordinary people: they did exactly what anyone would do if they were told "You may touch anything, but not that one thing". amirite?

Actually, they were not like ordinary people. They were closer to mentally disabled, as they were incapable of knowing what is right or wrong. That's something that a 3yo gets. That's something that you can teach a dog. They didn't know anything about morality, and god straight up lied to them to make sure they never do get it. Satan told them the truth, and liberated them, showing what morality is.

Satan is the true underdog of the bible.

Saying you're richer than someone would either imply that you have twice the amount of money required to qualify someone as "rich"/twice the amount of the person on the latter half of the two in terms of wealth, or you have ≥ a penny more than what the other person has, amirite?
We are manually breathing to delay our death, amirite?

I'd love you to explain us how you breathe with your hands.

Cursive is a secret code for parents, amirite?
@americanthaiguy what benefit does it have these days?

Same as calligraphy. The less people that know how to do it the more valuable a resource it becomes for people who can. In ten to twenty years people will probably be able to make a living by starting their own cursive business.