Hawaiian sweet rolls are trash, amirite?
@Achilles982 They are so good with barbecue. It pairs really well with the tanginess of the sauce, and the richness of wood smoke.

Thank you. Came here to say this. I recently made BBQ pulled pork sliders with them and they were great.

Used future is cooler than cyberpunk, amirite?

I do like Sci fi settings that feel lived in as opposed to these super sterile 2001 style environments.

I think about the droids seen in the original Star Wars vs the ones we saw in the prequel trilogy.

One was full of beat up rust buckets that nonetheless could do everything from translate moisture farm equipment to navigate through hyperspace.

The other went PEW PEW while being shiny.

Guacamole should not include tomato! amirite?

"I'm not a fan-" okay so this is a personal opinion. Not an unpopular one.

Blaming landlords for increased rent or eviction is stupid, amirite?
@Cranialscrewtop Then I guess landlords exist because people don't want to sell their house because A. A house can be personal and a...

How exactly are landlords "dealing with the housing crisis" since by definition they are housed and own extra housing?

If you use counterfeit/prop foreign currency in North Korea, they wouldn't be able to find out. amirite?

I'd wager there's a black market that operates on USD even in North Korea and if you got caught you'd be spending life in a hard labor camp.

When an only child dies without having kids, they end a legacy that's been going on since life itself began. amirite?

Only if none of their ancestors had more than one child.

Otherwise, for example, their parents might have had siblings, in which case those genetic lineages would continue as they had since the beginning of life.

sewing is weird. it's just stabbing cloth with smaller cloth until it's clothes. amirite?

Sausages are one of the most savage foods. Not only do we eat the animal, but we chop it into little bits, shove it up its own intestines and then cook it.

Met Gala fashion is horrendous, amirite?

I once saw someone saying that the purpose of these fashion shows or competitions are not to look aesthetically pleasing but to show The potential of the desingners to make difficult and complicated desings. Idk if it's True but it sounds about right.

Drive-thru's should allow bicycles to order food, amirite?
People crap on BMW drivers for being rude but not nearly enough contempt is heaped on Chevy pickup owners who are the most hostile drivers on earth, amirite?

A Dodge Charger owner has entered the chat...

There is only enough lithium on planet earth to provide 1-in-5 people with an electric car. amirite?
@Huemaninstrument Diamond nuke batteries look promising.

Graphene batteries are probably the better long term solution.

Factory 'farming' of animals should be banned, pasture raised animals should be promoted and protected. amirite?

That could work if our population was lower. Feeding 8 billion people is unfortunately not pretty.

In a relationship with Wolverine, getting fingered would have to be so stressful. amirite?
Greeting cards are a waste of paper and should be eliminated. amirite?

End Halmark holidays.

Kill the greeting card.

I'm very much in support of this. Just how unpopular is this?

Your grandparents were way hornier than you due to much more limited access to pornography and casual sex. amirite?