Drinking water with milk seems gross unless you also add plants, amirite?

Should'vs said 'leaves', no 'plants'

If Dr. Briefs had sold his gravity training machine, the Z-Fighters would have had more allies and even a small army. Mr. Satan would stilk be comedy relief but a bit more powerful, amirite?

And before anyone says it, I know that Tien is doing that with his school in Dragon Ball Super

While sleeping you're trusting your body to keep you alive, amirite?

Hay dum dum, when you are awake you also trust your body to keep you alive.

Jupiter is our solar system's bouncer, protecting Earth from rude and rowdy asteroids/comets so we can enjoy the Sun's bombass light show. amirite?

And so we dont become a light show

Paying for something with cash is the same thing as giving someone part of a tree. amirite?

And in Canada it's plastic

You can slit someone's neck with a Dorito. amirite?

Sounds like a better way to die than most other ways, it would have to be a pretty sharp one though.

After all these years, phones are still unable to set multiple alarms at once, each a couple of minutes apart, amirite?
The person who invented tobacco probably tried to use it like a fuel to start a fire, amirite?

you don't invent plants

You're not special. Your FBI agent has to keep track of approximately 19,999 other people's internet activity. amirite?

That's why you gotta touch kids... To get all of his attention. To the FBI guy reading this, I love you

The world doesn't understand the feeling of a fallen leaf in this beautiful nature. amirite?
@Arctopus Leaves feel things ?

There were some research about plant feeling things so who knows?

Pepper is no where near on the same level as salt, amirite?

Yeah pepper is wayyy better than salt

Your nose is practically a vacuum so you technically wouldn't be wrong if you sniffed the house dust away with it, amirite?

Demonstrate for us

Your imagination doesn't go away as you get older you just start imagining different things. amirite?

I almost feel like imagination is discouraged as you get older. Like the more you imagine, the more you're labeled as crazy, unrealistic, or out-of-touch.

being a cannibal makes you gay becuase you are eating some one else's sperm, amirite?
A child born deaf and blind most likely will never be able to grow up and function normally, like there is no real way to teach them things and this is f***ing sad. amirite?

It is sad but would one understand the disability or even acknowledge it?