About me.

˙ʞɔǝu ɹnoʎ uıɐɹʇs ʇ,uop

Orange is amazing.
and why yes, I am in fact wearing cool socks right now. but i'm probs not here right now. nor will i probs be here anytime soon.

If you wanna get with me theres some things you gotta know:
• I like my beats fast&my bass down low.
• I chew way too much gum.
• I can't hold a grudge.
...unless you assume something really ignorant, that irks me.
• I have 2 dogs, 1 parakeet, and have no snake):
• I draw like a boss.
• I paint my own nails, and ♥ when people obsess over them. Which brings me to my next point.
• I'm an attention whore. :B
• The day my ipod touch finally breaks (from dropping it, of course) I will cry.
• Disney World=best place ever.
hello smilie
• I lovee making people laugh. (Not sure if they're laughing AT me, but) it makes my day to know I made someone smile.
• Party cake ice cream: because you're not american until you have cake IN your ice cream.
• Winnie the Pooh is a bamf
• Cheezy puns makes me crack up.
• Bailo todo el tiempo.
• Dance is a sport.
• Don't try to argue with me, you'll regret it.
• I'm empathetic to a fault. Hell, I put the pathetic in empathetic.
• Awesome socks, hot hats, & sexy shades. It's how I roll. It's what I do. It's... the only reason people comment on my wall. :c
• loljk. the real reason is my absurd level of sexiness.
• Anagrams... pretty sweet, eh? I irk me lasagna, too.
• I wear my undies on my feet. ;D
• I can lick my elbow without dislocating anything. Jealous? smirk smilie
• I offend people by accident so much I could win the olympic gold medal for it.

sarcastic. hypocrite. rude. impulsive. perfect.
amazing. cool. hot. humble.
smiley faces. acronyms. abbreviations. literate. {that I am actually capable of being}

Feel free to leave me a message. I'll do my best at making your day.

Cool Word of the day that Automatically Raises Your Cool Rate by at Least 80% Each Time You Say it:
|.....{hotness}.....|h smilie
hint: this word is never uncool.

❝ Don't wanna look at your face cuz it's makin' me sick. ❞
❝ If having sex made it dating, me and Santana would be dating. ❞
❝ And you'll exploit me./And then you'll cut up all my suits to teach me. ❞
❝ This mix could burn a hole in anyone, but it was you I was thinking of. ❞

my huge vocabulary of comebacks: 1) your face. 2) your mom. 3) your mom's FACE.

I don't usually list all the shows, movies, bands, etc. I like for several reasons. Not only am I lazy, I am indecisive. I quoted (&referred to) some shit tho, so if you know what it's from, then CONGRATULATIONS I BET YOUR MOMMY IS PROUD.
of course, if you know what they're all from, you're almost sexy.

I l smilie boobies. I l smilie OZ.
&most of all I l smilie haley {luckystars86} because she's not only the best thing since sliced bread, she makes sliced bread look lame. You're my "reason for existence" smirk smilie

btw. a lot of the time I'm "online" I'm actually not and just didn't sign off mobile. so. yeah.

meh. "tl;dr" yeahh yeahh.
IN A NUTSHELL: I'm awesome (that's what mommy tells me)