I carry my glasses. Does that count?

Do you dislike people for their opinions? Why or why not?

Depends. I usually try my best to respect people's opinions. Say if someone didn't support gay rights. That's fine; doesn't make them a bad person even if I disagree. Now say that they do something because of their opinion. Hate crimes, just to say. If it was like that, then yes, they can go and shove it.

Evolution Vs. Creationism. What's your opinion on this?
@JohnJillky There's immense evidence on the side of evolution

Creationists believe there's immense evidence on the side of God.

But evolution has never been proven, despite how many studies and how much research had been put into it. It's still a theory. I mean; anything can have evidence, but does that mean it's still true?

Evolution Vs. Creationism. What's your opinion on this?

I don't really care since there's no hard evidence to prove either. If we're alive, that's good enough for me.

Why'd you choose your username?

Because I hate oranges, love orange, and also think that anything ending with -ies sounds cute.

How would it feel to be a reptile?

Cold-blooded with a never ending love for crickets.

Should clothing have gender roles? Why or why not?
@fuzala you asked why is clothes different for males and females you didn't ask why we wear clothes

which wasn't where i was going with my question :P

i never asked why they were different. i asked why they make it with specific genders in mind, when the opposite gender is perfectly capable of wearing it.

such as; why is it wrong for a man to wear a dress, and why is it wrong for a woman to wear a suit? i'm not saying it's wrong for a designer to make a dress for a woman, but that, in my opinion, there is also nothing wrong with a man wearing it instead. because it's still covering their bodies.

Should clothing have gender roles? Why or why not?
@fuzala seems to be makes identification and other stuff easier like seeking mates or catching a criminal

i always thought that clothing was meant to cover up your body.

and then the part about identification came after.

Should clothing have gender roles? Why or why not?

The Breakfast Club has a pretty great soundtrack, in my opinion.

Should clothing have gender roles? Why or why not?
@fuzala and lungis and how is it different? it's skirt like

i didn't know what a lungi was until now. i guess you do learn something new everyday.

also- when i say it's different; i refer to the fact that they were intended for males to wear (females too, but that's besides the point).

i guess when i made the post, i had Western clothing in mind, rather than taking into consideration other countries. which was wrong on my part, i will admit.

but like i said; kilts were intended for males to wear. in countries where Western clothing is more popular, however, skirts/dresses are all intended for girls. and i wanted to know why, because it's only clothing.

Should clothing have gender roles? Why or why not?
@Wunderscore Are they really bring helped, though?

I would hope they are. Because if not, they'd be lying to me big time.

I do agree that there are a number of zoos that don't treat animals right, and it saddens me to go there. However when I went to Monterey Bay aquarium, which was literally right over the water, the exhibits were made specific to each species. They designed them in a way where they made the animals feel as if there were in the water; with wave machines and salt water and everything. I can't remember in which order. They feed the animals their exact diet. They even give them toys that resemble food they have in the ocean, and make it in a way so that they hunt similarly. An example of that would be the sea otters they have there. They have a lab/vet office in there too. Not my favorite aquarium, but definitely the only one that I have seen take care of the animals in such a way.

I'm not sure if that can count as helping but, to me, I think it looks pretty great.

'Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.'
@I understand. Though, there are some people who claim to be atheists, but totally celebrate Christmas, to the T...

I celebrate Christmas for two reasons.

A; I like presents.

B; I like decorating.

I don't believe in God, so what's the problem? I celebrate Halloween, and Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, and Three Kings Day, and a number of other things. Why? Because culture and religion is fun to learn about, even if I'm an atheist or don't belong to that specific culture.

To me; the moral lesson behind Christmas is to give, and to accept. It's a time to appreciate family and friends. Which, by the way, doesn't stray from the religious viewpoint too much. At least in my opinion.

It's like celebrating Black Pride without being black, and LGBT Pride without being LGBT.

Interdependence is also pretty great.