Happy birthday! Hope it was a great day for you.

ok so new here was wondering how many sodaheads are here ? if any ?

Yep, another SHer who landed here in the aftermath of it's demise.

Thinking about you - have a great birthday and a great year for that matter.

Anyone else remember when Hillary had a Twitter meltdown over the Bengazi thing like a big cry baby (rather than calmly sitting down for 11 gruelling hours of questions from hostile senators) because she knew she was completely innocent and the whole thing was a rigged witch hunt? Me neither.

Her meltdown was during the questioning when she threw up her hands and said, At this point, what difference does it make? I guess she found out what the difference was when she was humiliated at the election of 2016.
People remember her callous remarks over the deaths of four Americans.

Human Beans of Amirite, and formerly of Sodahead, I would like to reacquaintance myself with all of my fellow lovely nutters and thinkers (or both like me) how are you all? Does anyone remember me from sodahead? If not, hello! I am back and looking forward to engaging in some much missed and enjoyed crazy conversations!

Hi! I remember your name but that is about all. I have the same name that I had on SH - some things change and then again, not so much.biggrin smilie

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth growing old

Considering the alternative, I'll put up with a few aches and pains. Find the things you enjoy and focus on them instead of the crappy side of life. There's a lot to be thankful for.

Sorry I forgot to favorite you when I was here before. Better late than never!

What is your favorite thing about reading?

You can never be bored if you can read. Books take you to so many places, there's so much to learn about .. well, everything. Reading is a saving grace in a crazy world.

Amazon Key to allow delivery of packages inside your home when you're away. Are you cool with that?

My dog is not going to like this, at all. We're home most of the time and we don't use Amazon so I think we are good on this one.

What's an annual event you do not look forward to?

Paying high property taxes.

Self-check out: Love it or hate it?

I've used them but would prefer Sue to check us out. She is very good, always helpful and caught a mistake that saved us $7.00 on a marked down container of scallops. I told the office they need to give her a raise.

Despite our differences that seem to divide us more by the day, there are a few silly experiences we all have that we can laugh and joke about together. For example, we all have a "I had to pee SO bad" story. What's yours? Do you have your own "potty dance"?

Two little boys in the back seat, we were in a huge Hartford, CT, five lane traffic jam. Yep. "I have to go potty," wailed the four year old. No cups, no bowls, no way to stop for him. I found a ziplock bag and helped him relieve himself. The look on the trucker beside us looking down on this was worth the whole challenge. The poor trucker and yes, the zip lock bags do really do the job.

Happy Birthday whichever day it is/was. Just have a great time on all days.

If anything, what will absolutely not be tolerated in your world?

Littering and deliberate meanness.

I just had to catch a freaking bat. IN...MY...HOUSE!!!!!!!

We have a bat in our attic - for real. We don't bother him and we have very, very few bugs in the house. We kind of like having him here.