If your breakfast is an alcoholic beverage, you're either too rich or too poor. amirite?

Triple Sec or triple sick.

Spanish speakers not fluent in English probably hear "Oh Cheese" when an English speaker says "Okay, so", amirite?

This might vary depending on your accent, but I don't pronounce these two the same way, much less with the same inflection.

There's something about holding a scissors that makes you NEED to cut something...anything. amirite?

Cutting paper is actually shown to reduce stress. Cut recipes or pictures from magazines that make you smile. Create a mood board or wish list. Cut away!

An average college student today knows more stuff than the smartest guy living 500 years ago, amirite?

But if the smartest man 500 years ago didn't come up with the stuff he came up with, god knows if we'll even have a college in the present timeline.

The older a movie is the younger the actors are. amirite?
@Mrbuddyrebel32 Yea, what I'm saying is that if you watch Star Wars Episode 4, the movie is older but Mark Hamilton is way younger...

Ah, so something like "the older a movie gets, the younger it's actors seem compared to their current age" ?

Before glasses were widespread, ugly people probably got laid more, amirite?

Good to know I could have gotten laid a few hundred years ago

Clocks have the most boring job ever, amirite?