About me.

:)HEY GIRL HEY! Im Paige Perkins! I'm obsessed with youtubers! Write on my wall if you wanna. No matter what amirite voters say... I'm
ALWAYS right.
Basically an amirite hipster :) been around since the amazing days of Pedobear (I just never made an account) so yes, I know what I'm doing :)
I have a few posters who I love seeing. I love anyone on the site who doesn't copy and paste things from Sickipedia. Trust me. It's annoying.
Message me and Im likely to respond. Unless you say something mean. Then you just deserve a btch slap :)
I'm a strong Lutheran and am PRO gay marriage. I am also PRO life. I can honestly say I am not 100% educated on both sides, so feel free to message me and change my view
I have 2 brothers. One is 19, the other is my twin brother, Spencer People say we look just like each other, but I don't see it.
My favorite colors are purple and lime green. My favorite rapper is eminem. My favorite bands are Paramore, Nevershoutnever, We the Kings, and secondhand serenade. No specific order.
A word that I hate when people use is Jiggley and Slippery. I am not sure why, I just cringe when people say them :)
I hate the dentist. I almost have panic attacks when I have to go. Coincidentally I have weak teeth and my mom works at a dentist. Go figure.
I'm kind of shy at first, but once you get to know me Im loud. Then you'll wish that I would STFU.
When I'm older I want to go to BallState University in Muncie Indiana to become a journalist.
I love to design dresses and clothing. It wouldn't be the best career- choice for me, but its one of my favorite hobbies.
Ok! Now u no pointless information about it. Sorry my bio is so random and jumbled. I kept thinking of different things to say :)
That's it pretty much it :)