We're pieces of meat walking around on a floating rock pretending to have a purpose, amirite?
The probability of getting hit by a raindrop when its raining is very high but the probability of being hit by the exact raindrop that hits you is very low. amirite?

Maybe we just need some context for all we know this could be profound....

The sun can make circles, amirite?

Yes elliptical and if you take a picture of the sun at the same time all year you can see the change in position as the earth tilts is called an Analemma.

Smelling our body odour is satisfying, but smelling other people's body odour isn't, amirite?
The clothes we wear the most are the clothes we want to be seen in the least, amirite?

What you see is what I am wearing.

Maybe cops started the whole pants down thing to make criminals easier to catch. amirite?

Pants down thing?

Saying it's so two thousand and late is so two thousand and late, amirite?

This reminds me of that Black Eyed Peas song.

Passengers napping while you're driving is a huge compliment. Like, they trust you enough to believe that they can sleep and will wake up alive later, as you're maneuvering a fast hunk of steel amongst other fast hunks of steel. amirite?

Awesome wording, 100% agreed!

If humans had evolved 16 fingers instead of 10, we would all be using hexadecimal instead of decimal. amirite?

True. Would we also have 16 toes though? In pre Columbian meso america they used a system based on 20 instead of 10. (So in the 16 finger universe that would probably havebeen 32)

If we ever colonize on other planets and Earth is destroyed, there will be inevitably be "No-Earther" conspiracy theorists within a decade. amirite?

Like it'd take maybe more than 100 years..

people who give money to Twitch and SnapChat girls and pay for porn; can feel a lot better about themselves if they donate that money to charity and give it to poor people. amirite?
@Milkzey weirdos ??? can you please elaborate!

Comparing the feeling one gets from helping others and one gets from masturbating is... weird

Many football coaches are overweight and unhealthy, yet sports are related to being healthy, amirite?

I'd say most are not.

The cells in our bodies are more productive than we are, amirite?

Because they know what they're doing.

Citizens of Vienna, Austria probably hate those crappy sausages are named after them. amirite?
If a hawk dies while trying to grab its prey, it dies in a skydiving accident. amirite?

I have a bird feeder hanging off of a column on our back porch. It was cold the other day and a little bird of some sort was huddled up in the feeder (it is basically a small hollowed-out log). I was on the phone with my son, drinking warm tea and telling him about this tiny bird when a hawk dropped in out of nowhere, snatched the bird up quick as a wink and was gone. The feeder barely shook, just one single feather from the little bird waving in the wind...and my sons ears ringing with his mother yelling "HOLY SH%&!"