Future archeologists are going to be overjoyed at finding lost gopros/cameras, amirite?

"Oh, joy. More cats, porn and food.'

The most hopeful and optimistic thing a person can do is move a cell phone 5 inches closer to the sky in hopes of catching a signal, amirite?

The building I worked in had spotty connections for my cell phone. Sometimes a difference of a few inches across my desk was all it took for me to get a signal.

There are three kinds of kiwi, and they're all edible if you're not a coward about it. amirite?
It took Ultron 5 mins of browsing the internet to decide humanity needed to end. amirite?

If the decision was based on the web, wouldn't Ultron have killed just half the cats?

Citizens of Vienna, Austria probably hate those crappy sausages are named after them. amirite?
The Cause of Stupidity on the Internet is Because of to Much Bad Information, not Because of People being fundamentaly stupid, amirite?

The cause of stupidity on the internet is Because of *too much bad information, not Because of people being *fundamentally stupid.

Just because the person who criticizes you is an idiot, it doesn't make him wrong. amirite?

The opinion of an idiot should matter very little.

Most mammals you can think of would probably enjoy belly rubs, yet rubbing another human's belly is weird, amirite?

Does anybody wanna rub my belly? :'(

Watching porn freely in your browser feels much better than watching porn in incognito. amirite?

Tor is fun too

Dinosaurs are friendly loving animals, but Hollywood make them vicious and aggressive in movies, amirite?

Met many dinosaurs have we?

We're pieces of meat walking around on a floating rock pretending to have a purpose, amirite?
The clothes we wear the most are the clothes we want to be seen in the least, amirite?

What you see is what I am wearing.

If a hawk dies while trying to grab its prey, it dies in a skydiving accident. amirite?

I have a bird feeder hanging off of a column on our back porch. It was cold the other day and a little bird of some sort was huddled up in the feeder (it is basically a small hollowed-out log). I was on the phone with my son, drinking warm tea and telling him about this tiny bird when a hawk dropped in out of nowhere, snatched the bird up quick as a wink and was gone. The feeder barely shook, just one single feather from the little bird waving in the wind...and my sons ears ringing with his mother yelling "HOLY SH%&!"

Adam and Eve were just ordinary people: they did exactly what anyone would do if they were told "You may touch anything, but not that one thing". amirite?
@Vindicare-jjl LOL, a very simplistic take on an account filled with meaning. Which is a telling indicator of our current mental...

Yeah, except the story has been the basis of thousands of years of "proof" that women are not equal to men. First for being tempted into eating the apple, then for tempting Adam into eating it. I find it very telling that you still believe this account has any meaning beyond being archaic and chauvinistic.

Urine is a blood extract, as if generated in a lab. If you see the yellow stuff, it's tightly linked to the red stuff everywhere in you. amirite?